Saree, Not Sorry! 8 Common Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid When Wearing a Saree

A Fashion Faux pas or mistake is given so much importance in the world of Fashion and Style. Whether it’s wearing a pair of Jeans and a T-shirt or traditional Indianwear, the smallest of details can ruin an otherwise on-point outfit.

So, how do you know what’s acceptable by the Fashion Police and what’s not? We did the work for you.


1. Being Over-dressed or Under-dressed

Dressing up according to your style is all fun and games but flat-out ignoring a dress code is a big fashion no-no and shows disregard for the setting.
Sarees are versatile enough to be worn for a red carpet event, your friend's wedding, and even a professional environment. Attention must be paid to the style, colours, silhouettes and accessories which are the differentiating factors for these occasions.








 2. Wearing the wrong innerwear

Whether it is picking the right colour for your petticoat or the right fit and size of your innerwear, this selection can make or break the whole outfit.
Tip - When in doubt, go for shades of nudes to layer underneath. If possible, opt for padded blouses and garments with an attached lining.










 3. Choose the right colours for you

With our unique Indian skin tones, we need to consider if our favourite colours are actually flattering or not?
Take time to play with all colour palettes - warm tones in red, orange and yellow, and cool tones like green, blue, and purple. Experiment till you learn what works for you.









4. Overdoing your accessories

If you’re already wearing a statement piece don’t take the focus away from it. Necklaces are gorgeous, statement earrings add a spark and so do hair accessories, but when worn all at once, it can get overwhelming and unnecessary.
Less is more!










5. Falling victim to the never-ending parade of trends

One good thing about Saree trends is that you don’t have to follow all of them. If showing skin is in but not something you’re comfortable with, don’t feel pressured.
Wear a trend you feel confident in.
You just can’t go wrong with classics like a good ol’ handloom saree. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, opt for an ombre Satin combination. Run your own show!









6. Wearing ill-fitting clothes

An outfit should be styled to create balancing proportions which depend on the size you’re wearing to how proportionate it looks on your body.
For example, a patiala or a dhoti style saree may suit you better than a straight leg style or the regular 6 yards. The way to achieve this is by experimenting again and again until you find what suits you best.










 7. Not paying attention to details

The magic of an outfit is in the details and not paying attention to minor ones like poor ironing, small rips, frays, and tears can really be a big faux pas.

To avoid minor issues like rips and tears, you can also opt for low maintenance outfits in fabrics like organza, georgette and crepe which look fabulous and require no special attention.









8. Ignoring proper care and storage instructions

Last but definitely not least, details like wash care, ironing instructions, packing and storing outfits safely, etc are very important to maintain the life of your outfit.









The next time you wear a Saree know which common Fashion Faux pas we overlook easily and how to best avoid them. And even if you do make a Saree faux pas, remember that Confidence is the antidote for everything. Wear what feels right to you and Rock Your Style!