Saree Secrets to Look Slim – Without Actually Losing Weight!

We all love to flaunt a Saree for a big event. Yet, many women feel the need to lose some inches to get that “Perfect Saree look”. Committing to diets and workout schedules well in advance can be overwhelming. So what else can you do? Let us reveal 5 Saree Secrets to make you look slim without any extra preplanning.


1. Put in Effort to Create the Right Look

- Be subtle: Opt for a plain saree that complements your frame well and doesn’t attract unnecessary attention to your problem areas. Go for a plain Chiffon, Satin or Organza saree to get a classy and svelte look. 

- The Colour Palette Matters: Monotone colours or sarees featuring dark over light ombre shades are some trendy options that you can go for. 

Check out the Dark Chocolate & Green SatinBlue & BrownGold & Brown Satin Ombre Sarees.






2. Choose the Right Fabric

- Fabric does matter if you want to look slim without losing weight. Simply picking a saree with a thin fabric will not give you a slim look. Instead, go for fluid fabrics to get that slimming effect.

The ideal saree fabrics are Organza, Cotton, Chiffon and Satin.

Check out the Cotton Silk Ebony Sequin Saree, Peach & Yellow Handloom Saree & Sangria Satin Saree with Bronze Handmade Lace.







3. Going Minimalistic

- Simplicity is the way forward and you can achieve that with a subtle plain saree.

- Choose sarees that feature subtle borders or embellishments like the Grey Gold Chiffon Saree with Lace & Pendants on Ends, Black Satin Saree with Dull Gold Lace & Pendants to get a stylish look!









 4. Drape your saree right

Draping a saree in the right way will make sure that you look flawless on any occasion
- Try making 4-5 medium-sized even pleats instead of ill-spaced small pleats.
- When you tuck your pleats, try to place them slightly towards the side of the navel.
- After you’re done pleating your saree, tuck the loose fabric under the pleats nicely in a diagonal way. This will ensure that your hip area is properly accentuated.
- Avoid going for longer, heavier sarees.








5. Accessorise smartly

All the elements of your saree contribute to making you look elegant & svelte.

- BlouseGo for a well-cut blouse that is neither too tight nor too loose. 

- Petticoat: Your petticoat should be well fitted. If hips are your trouble spots then opt for skirt-shapewear. Otherwise, go for kalidaar petticoats.

- AccessoriesHuge neckpieces, belts, or carrying a purse on your shoulders are a strict no-no! Instead, an elegant clutch will complement your look more. Keep it minimal.





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