9 Stylish Saree Draping Styles That You Must Try in 2021

Saree is considered to be one of the most elegant attires throughout the globe. But the trickiest part about this outfit is draping.

Achieving a perfect drape is not an easy task at all. Add to that a plethora of saree draping styles & one would get confused.

Did you know that earlier we used to differentiate draping styles according to Indian states?

But, nowadays people are giving a completely new aspect to the draping styles. So, basically, you’ll have the same Saree but now you can drape it in a myriad of styles. Doesn’t that sound interesting?  Every time a completely new look to the wearer!

Just keep reading to find out 9 ways in which you can drape a Saree in a unique & trending style in 2021.

9 Unique & Modern Saree Draping Styles of 2021

You’ll come across different saree draping styles in India while planning to wear a saree for weddings, parties or social events. Here are 9 such unique draping styles that will amp up your look for any event.

1. Butterfly Style

For all the ladies who think they are curvy, this drape style is perfect for you. In this particular style of draping a Saree, the Pallu of the Saree is quite narrow. Go for a Satin saree if you want to further compliment your look.

To drape your Saree in butterfly style, make pleats at the waist first and then pleat the Pallu. Make sure to drape the Saree across the chest and then pin the Pallu on the left shoulder. 

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2. Belted Saree

Want to accentuate your waistline and highlight your beautiful silhouette? Just BELT it. You can add a western belt to create an indo-western fusion look. You can also use gorgeous lace to tie the whole outfit together and put your unique spin on it. It will also help you to keep your Saree intact.

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3. Pant Style Drape 

Girls are now more habitual of Pants. So why not drape a Saree on a pant. Get rid of petticoat and drape your Saree on pant. It is super easy to carry and comfier. Just rock the next wedding function with stylish and comfortable pant style draped Saree. 

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4. Dhoti Style Drape

This is quite an offbeat saree draping style but is quite popular in the states of Andhra Pradesh. For a better draping experience, replace the petticoat with legging. In this style, the lower part of the saree needs to be draped to make it look like a dhoti. Pull the pleats from under the legs and pin or tuck them at the back waist. Don’t forget to style this with one modish blouse.

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5. Neck Drape Style

This is almost similar to the standard saree draping style. All you need to do is wrap the Pallu around the neck. Cover your neck with Pallu like a scarf. To achieve this style, the length of the Pallu should be kept a little longer. To add uniqueness to your look you can style the Pallu in different Scarf styles. 

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6. Front Pallu Style

This draping is very common in the states of Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh. For this style, instead of carrying the Pallu on your left shoulder, you need to carry it on right one after bringing it from your back. As per Gujarati Style, you can make pleats of Pallu in front and you can also keep it straight. 

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7. Drape Saree with a Jacket or cape

Now pair a Saree with a traditional or embellished jacket or a western cape. With this style, you can easily play with the type of jackets and capes. 

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8. Open Pallu Style Drape

This is a very basic extension of a standard drape. To have this look, don’t pleat the Pallu and keep it open. This is one of the most beautiful drapes. It enhances the overall look of the Saree and the wearer as well.

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9. Nivi Style Saree Draping 

Drape your Pallu in an aesthetically pleasing polished, put-together way and pin it to your shoulder. You can also add some bling and panache to your ensemble by donning an exquisite brooch. 

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