What to wear for an Indian Wedding as a Guest?

Indian Weddings are truly fairytale moments. So, you must look your absolute best while attending this confluence of family, friends & relatives as a guest.

But, which outfits should you wear? Should you go for a traditional Kanchipuram Silk Sarees or go Modernist a with an Organza saree? What about Lehengas or Ethnic Gowns?

Confused? Fret not! Check out the curated list of some of the best Indian wedding outfits that you can wear as a guest.

Which Indian Wedding Outfits Should You Wear as a Guest?

Sarees – The Evergreen Choice for Every Woman

If it is an Indian Wedding, then you will most likely see one or the other person flaunting a gorgeous saree. I mean, why not?

Sarees are the perfect outfits for weddings. Many traditional sarees like the Banarasi or the Kanchipuram silk sarees often feature a blend of colors & exquisite design elements like golden embroidery, zari work and more!

But times have changed & people are also opting for various modern sarees or sarees that feature a blend of modern & traditional design elements. These are some alluring sarees that you can wear for an Indian Wedding as a Guest:

  • Chiffon Saree – If you want to look classy, then go for a stylish Chiffon Saree that features elegant embellishments. Want to make a style statement? Pair up your Chiffon Saree with exquisite Diamond or Gold Jewelry
  • Satin Saree – Don’t underestimate Satin sarees as they come in a myriad of colors & often feature subtle yet exquisite embellishments. You can opt for a Wine Satin Saree with Bronze Pendants or a Sangria Satin Saree with Bronze Handmade Lace to amp up your look for an upcoming Indian Wedding.
  • Net Sarees –Netted Sarees have been gaining prominence among women when it comes to Indian Weddings. You might’ve noticed your cousin sister or relative flaunting a spell-binding Net Saree in an Indian Wedding. It’s time that you look as beautiful, amazing & classy as them by going for a Net Saree like the Black Net Saree or Grey Net Saree with Scalloping & Embroidery.
  • Organza Sarees – Organza Sarees are in huge demand owing to the advent of the summer season. These sarees are lightweight, boast a transparent appearance & are very durable. The Organza Sarees usually come in a gamut of colors & often feature printed designs or a fusion of traditional & modern design elements. If you are planning to get an Organza saree for an upcoming wedding then you should check out the Flora Organza or a Rose Breeze Printed Organza Saree. These sarees will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd when it comes to an Indian Wedding!

The Evergreen sarees are the classic choice if you are attending an Indian Wedding as a Guest.

Lehenga – Pair up an Alluring Skirt & Blouse with Dupatta

If Fusion Fashion is on your mind & you want to attend an upcoming Indian wedding then Lehengas can be the perfect choice for you!

The flared maxi skirts often feature traditional design elements like embroidery or zari work. However, brands like Swtantra also offer lehengas that have a modern touch to them.

Lehengas have been a staple outfit when it comes to Indian Weddings. So, you can easily pair an alluring lehenga with a beguiling blouse & complete your look with a beautiful dupatta. You can also use accessories to seamlessly amp up your look for an Indian Wedding.

Want to wear a beautiful Lehenga for an upcoming Indian Wedding? Why not checkout an Empress Blue Lehenga, a Maharani Lehenga or a Rose Breeze Lehenga that can make you a head-turner!

Anarkali Dress – Carry Indian Culture with Elegance

Anarkalis are some of the most beautiful ethnic wear that you can flaunt at an Indian Wedding. These alluring outfits symbolize an opulent yet ancient history.

Did you know? The term Anarkali literally means a Blossoming Pomegranate. This term was first used for the famed dancer who captured the attention of everyone include Prince Salim in the Court of Emperor Akbar.

Now you know what an Anarkali means. The same principle applies to the Anarkali outfits that often feature beautiful design elements like the Kalamkari patterns, Floral Motifs, Gold Thread Work or Block Printing designs.

It is recommended that you opt for Floor Length Anarkali Dresses as they can make you look enchanting with all the embellishments or exquisite embroidery.

Ethnic Gowns – Become a Showstopper!

It’s the beginning of the summer season & you can already feel the heat when you step outside of your house.

How much more burdensome would it be if you had to wear a heavy gown to an Indian wedding?

So, opting for an Ethnic gown doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go for extensively embellished gowns that are difficult to carry & can make you feel uncomfortable after a few minutes of wearing them. So, you need to choose the fabric of your gowns very carefully. You can easily go for Chiffon or Silk Gowns. But make sure that these gowns do not have embellishments all over.

Since gowns are one-piece outfits, you can easily move around & enjoy the wedding celebrations.

These are a few Indian wedding wear outfits that you can flaunt. Want to get some drool-worthy outfits for an upcoming wedding? Why not check out Swtantra. It offers an amazing collection of Lehengas & Sarees like Chiffon, Satin, Linen, Net, Organza & more that can make you look classy & trendy!