The Swtantra Story

The Swtantra Story


Having the extensive knowledge of fabric, drape, quality and sourcing in her long career working for export markets Tanuja lends her knowledge to buy Indian but now for Indians across borders. We are in total support of “Make in India” so all our products come from weavers of India.

Science of Quality does not have to come at great expense and to select elegance is an art. 

To match the Art and Science of textiles – Swtantra was born. 

Our sarees have simplicity of design with strong character in each fabric that we choose but with great quality . We are careful to offer great quality and design at affordable prices which is why we do not offer discounts or Big sales. 

Our Mission is to make Swtantra a Destination for Indians merchandise by delivering outstanding Value with great customer experience by consistently fulfilling our brand promise of “Delivering Outstanding Value”. 

The Saree has draped many women - Goddess Durga to Rani Lakshmi Bai and even iconic Sridevi, Kajol and Deepika Padukone....It shows power, showcases Indian Tradition , it shows the right amount, it also covers the right amount,  It is extremely versatile , it suits every body type and suits every face...So let’s celebrate Indianness and be SWTANTRA by wearing sarees and stand out !!