4 Things you always want to know about Linen Sarees

Linen sarees are beautiful outfits that are preferred by women for all Indian climatic conditions. Although these sarees are mostly preferred in summers, their versatility, beautiful designs, comfortable fabric & popularity have only made them trendy outfits for all seasons.

So, what are Linen sarees all about? Read on to find out!

4 things that you should know about Linen Sarees

1 History of Linen Sarees

    The fabric is actually extracted from wild flax plants & this process was first started around 36,000 years ago.

    Even parts of these fabrics and the core elements need to make the fabric like yarns, seeds, filaments & other kinds of textures have been found in the Swiss lake settlements that date back to 8000 B.C

    This fabric was even found in Egypt as it was mainly used to preserve various things and was also used for entombment practices.

    The best part about Linen fabric is that it was generally reserved for higher classes even during the old times. However, various weaving processes came to the fore as technologies advanced and nowadays, we can see a myriad of linen sarees available in various colors & alluring designs.

    2. Do Linen Sarees Crease?

       The short answer is yes! Linen sarees do crease as their characteristics are mostly similar to cotton sarees. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll look bad.

      Linen sarees are known for the rumpled looks that they offer. It is recommended that you make peace with the creases. However, if creases bother you so much then you can always go ahead & use an iron to remove creases.

      Put the iron to its highest heat & then place a damp towel on the saree. After that iron the saree to eliminate all the creases.

      3. You Can Wear Linen Sarees in All Seasons

        Linen sarees are some of the few outfits that can be worn in all seasons. That is because it features lightweight fabric, excellent comfort, sweat absorbing characteristics.

         But, that’s not all, Linen sarees enable air to seamlessly flow & also reflect the heat in a better way. As far as other seasons are concerned, you can go for heavier linen sarees with alluring colors & designs to achieve a classy look.

        4. Miscellaneous Characteristics of the Linen Sarees

          Whether you buy Linen Sarees online or offline, do not check some important features like the thread count of sarees (which is around 60-120 - this means high quality). Do note that linens sarees feature low thread count & a thick fabric as compared to cotton.

          These are 4 important things that you might want to know about Linen sarees before adding one to your wardrobe. Swtantra offers a plethora of Linen sarees online which boast unique colors & designs. Choose one that tugs your heart and flaunt in various events or social gatherings with ease!