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5 New Ideas on Styling a Plain Satin Saree!

A satin saree is a multifaceted outfit that can be easily draped for formal office meetings, exciting parties, traditional festivals and even weddings. The best part about such sarees is that you can wear them in a myriad of ways according to your personality, mood, height & weight. No wonder the Classic style drape is one of the go-to styles for any occasion. However, many new saree draping styles are emerging these days which can easily amp up your look for any occasion. Read on to know about 5 new ways of wearing your favorite satin saree.

5 New Ways on Styling a Plain Satin Saree

1. Belt your Saree just like Jeans!

This is one of the easiest ways to style your plain satin saree. Start by draping your satin saree in the classic style, neatly pleat your pallu and pin it at the shoulder. Now simply wear a belt near the waist region to complete your belt saree look. Ensure that you choose a belt that matches your saree color.

2. Why one Pallu when you can go for two?

One is never enough and it holds true for a saree! You might wear earrings but still feel like a minimalistic necklace is needed. 

Similarly, the idea behind a double pallu saree is that you wear two sarees to get two pallus on both sides of the shoulder instead of just one. This Double pallu can even trick people into thinking that you are actually wearing a dupatta on your saree. 

First, drape your satin saree in the classic style with pallu freely falling from your left shoulder (don’t forget to pin!). Make sure to tuck the pleats of this saree on the centre-left of your petticoat.

For the second saree, make lower pleats and tuck them at the centre-right so that these overlap the earlier pleats. Neatly pleat the pallus, bring it from the back and toss it over your front shoulder. That’s it!

You get 2 saree draping styles in one – a Classic Drape & a Front Pallu drape!

3. Reuse your Dupatta with a Satin Saree

Earrings, neckpieces or hair clips are some of the most common accessories for your satin saree. However, you can stand out from the rest of the crowd with a beguiling dupatta that you normally wear with your Kurtis or lehengas. Effortlessly add glamour quotient to your satin saree look and make heads turn at weddings or festivals!

4. Go Modern with an Extreme Shoulder Pallu

Attending a cocktail party? Then this draping style will definitely make you a showstopper!

You can go for a classic style drape but there is a small twist with the pallu. Instead of normally pinning it on the shoulder, bring the pallu to the extreme end of the shoulder and secure it there. You can also pull the pallu towards the shoulder in a loose way so that it’ll leave pleats at the front too. This draping style is a fancy way to wear your plain satin saree for modern occasions or parties.

5. Look like a Princess with a Mermaid Draping Style

Here is what you need to do to get a princess-like look with the mermaid draping style:

a). The first round of tucking in your petticoat remains the same as classic style drape. You simply tuck the non-bordered saree around the waist and bring it towards the right side of your body.
b). The remaining saree will go around the waist and come to the front (from the left side).
c). Leave an inch of the saree fabric and run the saree around the waist again. Bring it to the front but don’t pleat or tuck it. 
d). Tuck the loose ends on the left-hand side of your belly button. 
e). Make pleats vertically, bring them from the back and let them fall over the right shoulder. 
f). Take the right border of the pleated pallu and bring it from your back to the front. Make sure to bring the pallu under your arm and tuck it into your petticoat.

    These are 5 new ideas for styling your plain satin saree. Check out some alluring plain satin saree designs like Wine Satin, Sangaria Satin, Plum Satin, Blush Pink Satin and many more from Swtantra that can seamlessly amp up your look for any event.