Plain Satin Saree with Designer Blouse Ideas

Plain satin sarees are some of the most gorgeous outfits that can be worn by women. However, if you pair up these sarees with plain colored blouses then it won’t elevate your look. So, here are some wonderful blouse design ideas for that best Satin saree in your wardrobe.

1. Pink Satin Saree with A Sequin Blouse

If you got a pink satin or a chiffon saree, then you can seamlessly pair up a sequin blouse to amp up your look. Sequin blouses effortlessly complement both traditional & contemporary sarees.

So, if you are thinking that sequin blouses are for modern sarees then think again! Nowadays, women are unleashing their creative side by blending modern and traditional outfits to get the best of both worlds!

2. Plain Satin Silk Saree with Designer Blouse

Blending the already bewitching satin with the alluring silk fabric for a saree has turned out to be a great decision. Why? It is very easy to drape, falls nicely & accentuates your curves.

You can choose any color that you like & then pair up your saree with a wonderfully destined blouse.

3. Kutch Work Blouse with A Gorgeous Plain Blue Satin Saree

Gorgeous Kutch Work Blouses can be paired with vibrant colored sarees to get an enchanting look. You can either go with a bright blue saree or a light green saree.

Make sure that the blouse has some contrasting colors as it will make you look even more beautiful.



4. Fuchsia Satin Saree with A Gold Sequin Blouse

Satin sarees can be worn for almost any event – be it formal or casual. Drape the elegant Fuchsia Satin Saree which boasts of pendants on ends of the pallu and pair it up with a Gold Sequin Blouse to get an enrapturing look.

5. Pink Brocade Blouse with A Green Satin Saree

Brocade fabric-based blouses are currently trending as they jazz up your look. Pair a stunning green satin saree with this gorgeous blouse and become a show stopper at an upcoming wedding or a family gathering.



6. Gold Embroidery Blouse with A Navy Blue Satin Saree

Gold colored blouses have been in vogue for many decades now. However, budding fashion designers have brought in some innovative design elements to such blouses and made them even more popular.

So, if you think that your mom or aunts are the only ones who will sport such blouses then you are wrong. Even millennials can flaunt such Gold embroidery blouses and drape an elegant plain navy blue saree to complete the look.

7. Black Short Sleeve Blouse with Ombre Satin Sarees

Black colored blouses can easily complement a gamut of saree colors. The same goes for Ombre sarees. These sarees are characterized with a beautiful blend of 2 shades one lighter & one darker.

So, naturally, a black colored blouse will be a perfect choice. You can go with a Black & Brown, Black & Green, Green & Blue and many other ombre sarees as per your preference.

8. Plain Half Saree with A Bewitching Sleeveless Blouse

Half sarees are traditionally worn in weddings by bridesmaids but nowadays they are being flaunted in almost any event. So, if you are getting a half saree, make sure to get a gorgeous sleeveless blouse to elevate your look.

9. Plain Satin Saree with a Heavy Handiwork Blouse

If you have a plain Satin saree and are wondering on which blouse to get, then here’s the answer – get a heavy Zari/Handiwork blouse as it will effortlessly complement your Satin saree. You don’t even have to wear any extra jewellery as the blouse itself will work as an amazing piece of ornament.

10. Gold Backless Blouse with a Green Satin Saree

Nowadays, blouses come in eye-catchy designs and backless is one of them. You can opt for a gold backless blouse for your plain or an embellished green satin saree to get the best party wear look. You can add an element to your backless blouse in the form of a stripe to get a unique blouse look.

These are some amazing designer blouse ideas for your plain satin sarees. If you want to buy satin saree, then you should check out Swtantra. It boasts of an elegant collection of Plain satin sarees that you can flaunt in any event.