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How to take care of your Linen Sarees at home?

Linen is a wonderful saree fabric that acts as an excellent alternative to cotton during summers. Since this saree fabric is made from a naturally sourced material known as flax fibre, it is exceptionally soft, absorbent and smooth. But, that’s not all!

This alluring fabric lets air pass through the fabric which ensures that you stay cool and comfortable throughout the day. Even popular fashion designers realized the wonderful features of this fabric and have designed trendy & classy apparel such as sarees and Kurtis to appease the ever-growing market. 

Cotton sarees are a summer favorite, no doubt about it. But linen fabric is much more durable unlike cotton and it gets better after each wash. In addition to that, the manufacturing of linen consumes fewer resources which actually makes linen an eco-friendly and sustainable fabric. 

But, how can you take care of your precious linen sarees to keep them looking brand new for every single wear? Read on to find out!

Easy tips to take care of linen sarees at home

  • How to Wash Linen Sarees?
  • Before you go ahead and start washing your linen sarees, try to look for care instructions that come with your linen saree and religiously follow them to avoid damaging your linen saree.

    If you want to hand wash your saree at home, make sure that you wash it separately with a mild detergent. Always try to use normal or cold water. 

    Before you wash the saree, soak it in the water mixed with rock salt for 10-15 minutes (especially if the saree comes with bright colors). This water mixture will lock the hues ensuring that no colors get faded during or after the wash. 

    Pro-Tip: Never starch your linen saree as it can damage the natural softness of the fabric and make the entire fabric stiff.

  • How to dry Linen Sarees?
  • Never twist, squeeze or wring your saree when it is wet. Linen saree doesn’t stretch so if you wring the saree during its wet condition then it can tear the fibres.

    Do note that linen sarees dry quickly. So, you don’t have to resort to twisting or wringing the saree to dry it. Instead, simply hang the saree in the open air under a shade. 

    A fact to remember: Never dry your linen sarees in direct sunlight. If you do then it will leave a bleaching effect on your saree which ultimately leads to color fading.

  • How to Store Linen Sarees?
  • Did you know? Linen fabric can absorb up to 20% of its own weight in moisture.

    So, ensure that you store your precious linen handloom sarees in a cool, dry place away from sunlight, dampness & moisture.

    Repeatedly folding your linen saree from the same crease will eventually lead to permanent folds and damage (Linen sarees don’t stretch, remember?). So, lightly fold your saree and store it separately where it wouldn’t get squeezed under other heavy outfits. 

  • How to remove stains from your favorite Linen Saree?
  • Tea/coffee just spilt on your gorgeous saree? Simply soak the stained area in cold water and wash it off with a mild stain remover. Worried that you’ll damage the fabric. Simply give it off to your dry cleaner!

    Just returned from a wedding/festival only to find out that your saree got stained by a curry? Pre-treat your saree with a mild liquid detergent. If it’s a heavy grease stain, place the stained area on a clean paper towel. Apply the liquid detergent on the back of the stain and replace the paper towels as soon as it gets soaked. After that leave the stained area for a few mins and wash it with cold water.

  • What about Ironing my Linen Saree?
  • Linen sarees look gorgeous in their own crumpled way. Those natural creases actually add a charm to your stunning saree. However, if you still want to iron your saree, do it gently when the saree is wet. Also, avoid pressing your linen saree on the folds.

  • Should I use only dry cleaning services for my linen sarees?
  • Well, not exactly! Linen is one of those few saree fabrics that can withstand machine wash without getting damaged. This obviously depends on the type of weaving process that the Linen saree goes through. If the saree is loosely weaved then you will have to stick to dry cleaning rather than hand washing your precious linen saree.

    Remember: If you are still confused about caring for your saree during washing or removing stains then simply hand over the saree to a dry cleaner and they will take care of the rest!

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