How to Take Care of Silk Sarees to Keep Them Forever New?

Silk sarees are some of the most popular outfits that are preferred by girls and women especially for events such as weddings, festivals and special occasions.

But, let’s be honest – Silk saree fabric is delicate and it needs proper care whether it is daily wear or special occasion sarees. But that doesn’t stop women from flaunting these stunning sarees.

Silk sarees are loved by everyone and any person would want to care for their silk sarees so that they use them for many years. Well, how do you take care of your precious silk sarees? Read on to find out!

Tips to Take Care of Silk Sarees and Keep Them Forever New

Here are some proven tips that can help you take care of your silk sarees at home:

How to Remove Stains from Silk Sarees?

This is one of the most challenging issues that any girl or woman can face after wearing a silk saree for parties, weddings or festivals.

Stains or blots are a nightmare but fret not! There are ways through which you can easily remove these notorious stains without harming your silk saree.

One of the most trusted ways to remove stains from a silk fabric is petrol. Did you know that petrol is actually a secret tool of dry cleaners?

So, the next time your saree gets stained, use a cotton swab dipped in petrol to dab the stained area. After a few minutes wash the saree and you’re good to go!  

If you are worried about grease and sweat stains then use liquid soap to remove them. Concerned about oil-related stains? Simply sprinkle some talcum powder over the stain and wash it with a mild detergent to make it look like a brand-new saree!

How to Wash Silk Sarees?

Silk is a delicate fabric and it needs special care during washing. Avoid hard detergents as they can damage the fabric. Instead, go for mild ones or dilute the hard detergents. Ensure that you wash the saree in cold water and gently wash the separate parts of your silk saree (borders, pallu and body).

If you feel like washing a silk saree isn’t your cup of tea then you can always opt for dry cleaning services as it will make sure that your silk saree lasts for many years.

Drying Tips for Silk Sarees

Don’t dry your silk sarees like you dry other clothes. Don’t twist or wriggle the saree as it would lead to permanent wrinkles.  Hang the saree in a sun shaded place to maintain its lustre. 

Never ever fold your silk sarees tightly after washing (wrinkles, remember?) Keep your precious sarees on a separate shelf to extend their longevity.

Storing Tips for Silk Sarees

This is one of the most important tips if you want to keep your silk sarees brand new even after many years. 

  • Wrap your silk saree in a cotton cloth or store them in a soft cotton bag.
  • Keep changing the folds of your silk saree from time to time to avoid wrinkles. 
  • Never hang your heavily ironed sarees in the cupboard.
  • Want to keep bugs away? Use neem leaves as opposed to naphthalene balls. If you are not getting neem leaves then ensure that the naphthalene balls don’t touch your saree.
  • Air-dry your silk saree after wearing it to avoid a bad smell. 
  • You can also use silica to prevent fungal growth and humidity.

Ironing Tips for Silk Sarees

Exercise caution while ironing your precious silk saree as one wrong step will lead to loss of sheen from your saree fabric. Use a steam iron or always select the low-temperature option so that you won’t damage the fabric while ironing.

These proven simple hacks will help you take care of your precious silk sarees and keep them forever new!