Fashion Tips: How to take care of Net Sarees at home?

You might’ve noticed your cousin, aunt or best friend flaunting a net saree during weddings, festivals or college farewells. Net sarees have certainly gained popularity in the past few years and are now some of the most sought-after outfits when it comes to sarees.

Wearing them might be a bit easy but, how should you take care of your favorite net sarees? Read on to find out!

Useful Tips to Take Care of Net Sarees at Home

1. How to Wash Net Sarees?

Before we look at some helpful net saree washing tips, keep this as a thumb rule – Never wash your net sarees in a washing machine! If you do, then it will obviously damage the fabric and you won’t get a chance to restore your precious saree.

a). While using detergents, go for mild ones instead of the usual hard detergent. That is because if you use a hard detergent, chances are that it would ruin the softness of your net sarees and can also result in color fading. 
b). Gently rub your net saree while washing it with your hand. If you rub the saree hard, it can damage the fabric.
c). After washing your saree, do not wring or squeeze it hard to drain excess water. Gently press the saree to drain the water. Since it is a net saree, it won’t retain much of the water during washing.
d). Drying – Instead of hanging your precious saree under direct sunlight choose a shaded place. Strong sunlight can result in color fading. Since a net saree primarily consists of net fabric, it will easily dry by the natural air that passes through the fabric.

How to Remove Stains from Net Sarees?

Removing a stain from a net saree can be tricky. However, start by using a mild liquid detergent or a mild stain remover to treat the stained area. Once you satisfactorily remove most of the stain, wash the stained area with cold water.

Net sarees are delicate, so using hard chemicals such as vinegar or petrol is not recommended unless it is explicitly mentioned in care instructions that come with your saree.

Still not confident? Simply drop off your saree at the nearest dry cleaner and they will take care of the rest.

2. How to Store Net Sarees?

Start by lightly folding your net saree and storing it in a separate space. If you store it with your regular clothes, chances are that your other clothes will press your saree over time which will result in permanent folds. 

Permanent folds on a net saree can be difficult to remove and even if you try to remove it, you will most likely fail. Improper crease-removing techniques will also lead to fabric tear which will ultimately render your net saree useless. 

When you fold a net saree, use a newspaper or butter paper for each fold. This way you can easily avoid the creases. One more thing – try to avoid hanging your saree in your wardrobe. Instead, wrap a cotton cloth all over your saree or use a saree bag.

But coming back to the permanent creases, is there a way to remove them? Yes, there is! Read on to find out.

3. Tips to Iron Net Sarees

As mentioned earlier, net sarees are quite delicate when compared to other sarees. So, you will need to exercise some sort of caution while ironing your saree to remove any sort of creases.

Avoid using high temperatures. Instead set the temperature to medium, put a thin double folded cotton cloth on the saree and then press it gently with the iron.

These are a few useful tips that you can follow to take care of net sarees at home. If you are still not confident enough about washing or drying your sarees then you can always go for dry cleaning services.

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