Useful Tips for Taking Care of Your Chiffon Sarees

Chiffon sarees are lauded for the elegance they render to the wearer. They never go out of style, that’s why they are the first choice of almost every Bollywood actress. Chiffon sarees are lightweight, easy to carry, skinny, transparent and made from materials, such as silk, nylon & rayon. However, these sarees can get spoiled easily compared to other saree materials when not maintained & taken care of. Therefore, garments made from this delicate & flimsy fabric call for a bit of special care to add more years to their life.

If you are looking for some practical tips to make your chiffon saree look gorgeous for years, you have landed in the right place. This article includes great hand & machine-washing tips as well as drying and storing tips to enhance the life of your favorite chiffon sarees.

So, let us get started.

Importance of maintaining Chiffon Sarees

From film arrangements to weddings, from office events to in-house parties, chiffon sarees have been an integral part of women’s clothing. Chiffon Sarees are in trend & their patterns look breathtaking with today’s Indian weaving.

While chiffon sarees look spectacular & are comfortable to wear, it requires unique maintenance & care because of its fragile texture. Chiffon is considerably thin & transparent compared to other saree materials. Proper Caring extends the life spectrum of chiffon sarees & makes them look lovely for years.

Chiffon Saree Care Tips - To Make It Look Brand-New for Years

1). Hand-washing Instructions

To wash chiffon sarees with hands, use the following tips:

 - Fill a tub with lukewarm water & add mild liquid detergent to it.
 - Rustle the water with your hand until lather is formed.
 - Fold your chiffon saree in half to wash it with ease.
 - Put the garment in the water & whirl it around to clean it.
 - Let it soak in the water for around 30 minutes & then rinse it in a tub of clean water.
 - Repeat the rinsing until all the lather is removed from the saree.
 - After rinsing, do not twist the saree fabric as this may damage its shape.
 - To drain excess water, place your saree on a towel. Now, cover it with another towel.
 - Press down the towel to remove excess water. Now remove the towels & let the saree dry.

    2). Machine-washing Instructions

    In order to wash chiffon saree in a washing machine, use the washing instructions given below:

    • Turn your chiffon saree & blouse inside out.
    • Put them in a mesh laundry bag to prevent them from getting wrapped across the washing machine drum.
    • Now put the bag in the washing machine. Avoid adding any other clothes to the machine as they may damage your delicate chiffon saree.
    • Add one cupful of mild detergent powder or liquid to the washing machine.
    • Set the washing mode to “delicate cycle” & select the shortest spin timer. Wash the garment in cold water.
    • To rinse, place your saree on a bath towel & cover it with another towel. Press down the towel to drain excess water.
    • Remove the towels & let the saree dry.

    3). Drying Instructions

    Following are some of the effective tips to dry chiffon sarees properly:

    • Don’t twist & squeeze the chiffon saree. 
    • Avoid drying sarees in direct sunlight, rather let them dry in shade.
    • Don’t hang the garment as its texture can get weak.

    4). How to Iron Chiffon Sarees

    • Dry Ironing is considered the best for chiffon.
    • Avoid doing steam iron if your saree has wrinkles as chiffon can get stained easily.
    • Set the iron on silk or delicate mode. Place your saree on an ironing board and smoothen the wrinkles with your hands.
    • Iron the saree gently. Avoiding pressing the iron hard on the fabric as it can stretch easily.
    • Don’t stop the iron on one spot for too long. 

    5). Storing Instructions

    • Avoid hanging chiffon sarees for too long durations.
    • In case you want to hang the saree for some time, use padded hangers.
    • Ensure to change the folds of the fabric while storing it for long periods.

    Implementing these useful chiffon saree care instructions mentioned above will help you extend the life of your beloved garment & make it look brand-new for years. If you are still worried about damaging your precious chiffon saree then simply drop it off at a dry cleaning shop and they will take care of the rest.

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