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Dasham – A Saree Collection that Radiates Festivity & Divinity

The Indian festive season is in full swing. Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with pomp just a few weeks back and two of the most awaited festivals – Navratri & Dussehra will be celebrated in a couple of weeks. 

As the name implies, the Navratri festival will be celebrated for nine nights. Each day/night of this beautiful festival is dedicated to worshipping a particular incarnation of Goddess Durga. Interestingly, each day/night of the festival is associated with a specific color and most devotees follow the color code while choosing their clothing. 

Swtantra’s in-house designers realized the importance of these colors as they hold significance for each day of the Navratri festival. Inspired by these colors, Swtantra has curated a limited-edition festive saree collection which means you can shop for all the sarees you want for Navratri and Dussehra.

Read on to know more about this spell-binding collection and start adding some gorgeous sarees to your wardrobe for the upcoming festive season!

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Dasham – A saree collection inspired by Navratri’s Nine Colors

The word Navratri literally means nine nights of emotions, a bucket full of celebrations, the traditional garba dance, melodious recitations and festival-related plays. These make Navratri & Dussehra all the more exciting which is why you need to look your absolute best. As mentioned earlier, each day of the festival signifies a particular color.

Swtantra’s in-house designers took inspiration from these beautiful and powerful colors and have created an alluring Navratri & Dussehra Saree Collection for you according to the colors of the festival.

This exciting saree collection includes best sellers & new arrivals of Swtantra so that you can look trendy during this entire festive season!

Day 1: Red Color – Symbolizes Passion & Auspiciousness

Devotees worship the Shailputri form of Goddess Durga and the color for the day is Red. Check out Swtantra’s alluring red color sarees like the Dusky Rouge Organza with Hand Embroidery, Rosewood Saree & Regal Red Sequin Saree for the first day of Navratri festivities.

Day 2: Royal Blue – Represents Divine Energy

Devotees worship the unmarried form of Goddess Durga (Brahmacharini) and the color for the day is Royal Blue. Some amazing sarees from the Navratri Saree Collection that you can wear during the 2nd day of the Navratri festivities include:

  • Prussian Blue Satin Saree
  • Royal Navy Saree with Lace on Edge
  • Midnight Blue Satin Saree
  • Frosted Sapphire Satin Saree

Day 3: Yellow – Signifies Joy & Cheerfulness

Devotees worship Maa Chandra ghanta and the color for the day is Yellow. Check out Swtantra’s gorgeous Yellow color sarees like:

  • Peach & Yellow Handloom Saree
  • Yellow Ochre Saree with Handmade Lace on Edge

Day 4: Green – Symbolizes Mother Nature & its Nourishing Qualities

Devotees worship the Kushmanda form of Goddess Durga and the color for the day is Green. Swtantra offers some amazing Green color sarees like:

  • Green & Blue Satin Ombre Saree
  • Meadows Satin Saree
  • Uppada Green Gold Saree
  • Predraped Pant style Emerald Saree with Belt

Day 5: Grey – Signifies the Strength of Transforming

Devotees worship the Skanda Mata and the color for the day is Grey. Swtantra’s exciting Navratri Saree Collection includes some beautiful Grey color sarees such as:

  • Smoke on Fire Saree
  • Grey Gold Chiffon Saree with Lace & Pendant on Ends

Day 6: Orange – Symbolizes Knowledge, Tranquility & Brightness

Devotees worship Goddess Katyayani and the color for the day is Orange. Check out Swtantra’s out-of-the-world sarees like the Peach & Yellow Handloom Saree &  Pink & Orange Paradise Satin Saree that you can seamlessly wear during the 6th day of the Navratri festivities.

Day 7: White – Symbolizes Serenity, Peace, Calm & Purity

Devotees worship the Kalaratri form of Goddess Durga and the color for the day is White. Swtantra offers some beautiful white color sarees such as:

  • Hand painted Floral Organza Saree
  • Mink Gold Glow Saree with Lace

Day 8: Pink – Represents Joy & Happiness

Devotees worship Maha Gauri and the color for the day is Pink. Here are some amazing pink color sarees that you can wear during the 8th day of Navratri festivities:

  • Fuchsia Patiala Pants Pre-draped Saree
  • Red Pink Paradise Satin Saree
  • Pink & Green Handloom Chanderi Saree
  • Auspicious Pink Chanderi Saree

Day 9: Sky Blue – Signifies Enormity & the Immeasurable One

Devotees worship the Siddhidhatri form of Goddess Durga and the color for the day is Sky Blue. Check out some gorgeous Sky-Blue sarees of our Dasham saree collection:

  • Turquoise Chiffon Saree with Bronze Lace
  • Green & Blue Satin Ombre Saree
  • Bora Bora Blue Saree with Silver Lace

So, what are you waiting for? Head over to Swtantra today and start adding some gorgeous sarees to your wardrobe for this festive season!