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5 Popular Saree Materials That You Need in Your Life Right Now

The Saree is a silhouette that is as versatile as it gets. This elaborate yet simple outfit works beautifully whether as elegant comfort wear or as a glamorous style statement.

Sarees come in every possible colour shade, texture, styling and fabric. Every fabric has a different density and weaving style, which changes its characteristics in terms of fall, pleats and texture as well as the inherent cooling or warming properties of the fabric. Selecting the right type of saree material thus becomes extremely important so you can have a well-rounded wardrobe, with a saree look for every occasion.


1. Cotton – A Classic Saree Material

Cotton has been one of the best materials for sarees since time immemorial because of its comfortable nature. The fabric is soft, lightweight & easy to handle. 
While cotton sarees are preferred during summers, cotton-blend sarees can be worn in winter. With proper care and wash instructions, your beloved cotton saree will last you a lifetime. 
Our Comfortable Collection of Cotton Sarees include Blue Champagne Gold Saree, Cotton Silk Ebony Sequin Saree, Peach and Yellow Handloom Saree and more.








2. Chiffon – One of the Most Trending Saree Materials

Live your Bollywood dreams with a Chiffon Saree for your next event. Made with a special weaving technique, Chiffon is soft, effortless & easy-to-drape. They are stretchy and somewhat thin fabrics but can hold the pleats pretty well which is great since it gives the wearer a collected look. 
Chiffon sarees are diverse in colours and design and are ideal for any day or night occasion. 





                                                           3. Satin – Boasts of Soft-feel & Amazing Drape

Satin sarees are loved for their shimmery appearance and smooth hand feel. Satin’s complicated weaving process makes it easy-to-drape, durable, wrinkle-resistant & has a soft alluring sheen on the front which makes it perfect for all sorts of social events.







  • 4. Net – Elevates your Look for Evening Events

  • The unique weave construction of a Net Saree is what gives it a figure-hugging nature and highlights the femininity of the wearer even more because of its light nature. These sarees seamlessly elevate your look for social gatherings, parties or wedding functions.
    Swtantra has an alluring collection of Net Sarees in statement colours like Black, Burgundy, Jade and Wine.









    5. Georgette – Look Classy & Trendy

    Georgette is a soft, lightweight fabric and is easy to wash so it requires less maintenance. It is affordable, versatile, easy to pleat, and can be worn daily. Some more stylized georgette sarees are great for wearing at weddings and parties.
    Make heads turn at your next event with our Georgette Collection Sarees like Sparking Henna Saree, Pink Sparkle Saree and Regal Red Sequin Saree.







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