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The origin of a saree can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization. The integral parts of a saree like a petticoat & a blouse have been incorporated into the saree draping style a couple of decades ago with the arrival of British & Persian rulers.

So, before that, women used to drape a saree without a blouse or petticoat. However, times have changed & fashion trends have evolved. Fashion designers & creative women are reinventing the way sarees are draped.

Therefore, draping a saree is not just a common task anymore! It is an art & many women are using different ways to wear saree that can seamlessly elevate their appearance. So, let’s look at 8 Saree Draping styles that every woman should try for social gatherings or official events.

What are the Basic Saree Drape Steps?

Step – 1: Hold the saree end from the top edge & carefully tuck it in the petticoat. You can start from the right side & bring the saree to the left side of your waist.

Step – 2: After that, bring the saree to the centre front & tuck it in.

Step – 3: Make 5-6 or 7-8 pleats according to the remaining drape at the centre & tuck them in the petticoat. The pleats should face to the left side of your waist.

Step – 4: Now, without tucking the open drape, bring it across your back from the right side. Use safety pins to securely tuck in the pleats.

Step – 5: Make pleats of the Pallu & place it over your left shoulder. Ensure that the saree border comprises the first pleat so that it gracefully falls across your left shoulder. Use the safety pins to secure Pallu with the blouse giving you an alluring look.

Tips - Ensure that the petticoat fits perfectly at the waist & always put on your footwear such as heels or flats so that you can drape the saree according to the height.

This is the basic style saree draping that is known by almost every woman & has been extensively used for many decades.

8 Amazing Saree Draping Styles That Any Woman Should Try

Saree draping styles have progressed from generation to generation. Traditional & cultural influences have played a major role in the saree draping process. 

Creativity fostered by fashion designers & ingenious local saree makers has brought in the concept of Indo-Western version look i.e a blend of Indian & Western draping styles. For example, saree draping with palazzo, Dhoti style saree, saree draping on Lehenga Choli, & more. 

Many women are fond of traditional saree draping styles as well since these showcase their particular culture & make them stand out. However, the current generation of women is inclined towards modern saree draping styles.

So, here are 8 innovative saree draping styles that can be used by women for a variety of occasions-


Traditional draping of Bengali Sarees

  • Bengali sarees & its draping style are well-known among women. They have a royal religious look.
  • The traditional saree is characterized by white fabric & red border. It is mostly used in Bengali Puja Rituals.
  • This saree draping style doesn’t have lower drape pleats which are commonly found in other draping styles.
  • Instead, this draping is characterized by broad pleats at the waist & short pleats over the shoulder that give a unique look to the saree wearer.

Dhoti Style Saree Draping

  • This is one of the relatively new Saree Draping Styles.
  • You can wear the saree in a half saree drape over dhoti pants.
  • You can also use leggings instead of dhoti pants. This can easily give your saree a dhoti style saree look.
  • Complement your saree with a trendy blouse & beguiling accessories to stand out from the crowd.

    Trendy Saree Draping On Lehenga Choli

    • The Lehenga Style Saree draping has its roots in South Indian wedding attires.
    • A popular attire which is known as “Langa Voni” in South India evolved over the years due to changing fashion trends.
    • Nowadays, it is one of the important modern brides looks & is preferred by many women at weddings.
    • You can easily drape a saree over the Lehenga in a variety of ways. Put on your creative shoes & try out a unique Lehenga Choli saree draping style for an exquisite look.

    Trailblazing Neck Drape Style

    • This saree draping style can make you a showstopper!
    • Simply wrap the Pallu around your neck like a scarf. That, it! You can try this draping style on your regular sarees as well.
    • To achieve this style, you need to keep your Pallu long.
    • There are many styles of wearing a scarf. You can incorporate those styles with your pallu & look classy.

    Butterfly Style saree draping to look trendy

    • As the name implies, this saree draping style imitates the look of a butterfly. Well, not entirely.
    • You just need to make extra thin pleats of your pallu. Pin the pallu to your shoulders to secure it. You can also use shoulder brooch pins to jazz up your look.
    • The butterfly style saree draping can even make you look slimmer. Choose Satin or Chiffon sarees to try out this draping style as they are lightweight & easy to drape.

    Classy Palazzo Saree Draping Style

    • This draping style is a wonderful example of Indo-Western version look.
    • Instead of a petticoat, use a stylish palazzo & drape your saree over it.
    • Such draping styles are preferred by women who love chic & modern looks.
    • The Palazzo’s broadness, color, design & style can easily give you a unique look.

    Modern Fish Cut Draping Style

    • The Fish cut style is one of the modern saree draping styles.
    • The main part of this saree draping style is the petticoat. It is fitted to the waist meticulously & is made to flare down at the bottom.
    • This surprisingly highlights your shape giving you a trendy look.
    • You can try the fish cut style with a beguiling chiffon saree to look elegant.

    Front Pallu Saree Draping Style 

    • This draping style is relatively easy.
    • You just need to carry your pallu from the back to your right shoulder instead of your left.
    • It’s your choice whether you want to want to spread the pleats or secure it with a safety pin.
    These are 8 exquisite Saree Draping Styles that any woman can try. Leading saree brands like Swtantra brings alluring chiffon, satin & ombre saree collection for women who want to try out new draping styles to look amazing & celebrate their Indianness.