The Perfect Saree Fabrics For Every Body Type

Every saree fabric out there can be easily worn by any woman. Some might offer excellent comfort whereas others offer a high glamor quotient.

So, to put it simply, certain saree fabrics are ideal for certain body types. That doesn’t mean you cannot try out other saree fabrics. 

But a perfect saree fabric provides immense comfort, features alluring designs & offers a perfect fit. Want to know more about these ideal saree fabrics? Read on to find out!

What are the Perfect Saree Fabrics for Every Body Type?

  • The Apple-Shaped Body Type
  • Many women are blessed with an apple-shaped or voluptuous body. To put it simply, the upper part of the body is heavier as compared to the lower half. 

    Check out the Satin saree collection when you go out to get your next outfit. These sarees can be draped with minimum effort.

    When it comes to saree drapes, you can go for double pallu or ulta pallu as it can easily enhance your look. You can also opt for contrasting blouses which give you an unconventional yet dramatic saree look.

  • The Plus-Size Body Type
  • Popular fashion designers are designing plus size dresses to let women know that they deserve all the attention.

    You can easily go for Silk, Handloom or Chiffon Sarees as these saree fabrics can seamlessly accentuate your look. You can also opt for long sleeve blouses & dark colored sarees as they help you look poise & suave!

  • The Pear-Shaped Body Type
  • This body type is considered to be perfect & is generally characterized by a curvaceous figure and a heavy bottom. 

    If you are blessed with this body type then georgette or linen sarees are an ideal choice because they offer an easy drape & the fabric is breathable. You can easily drape the saree in a balanced way which seamlessly elevates your glamour quotient. If you are confused about pallu types then go for a front or seedha pallu as it can beautifully accentuate your look. 

  • The Slim & Tall Body Type
  • Women with tall & slim body types can easily flaunt gazillion saree draping styles without much effort. 

    You can go for plain linen, chiffon, satin, cotton, tussar, raw silk & other saree fabrics. Choose a nice draping style which will ensure that you grab a lot of eyeballs while attending an event or a social gathering.

    Handy Tips to Consider Before you Choose a Perfect Saree

    • Ensure that you can drape the saree with ease. You can try out the sarees at saree shops or shopping malls before finalizing your purchase.
    • Try out the pleats and see if you can tuck them properly. If you cannot then it would be very difficult for you to wear such sarees for events or parties.
    • Also, check whether your sarees tend to crease frequently. Linen sarees tend to crease a lot and can take the help of an iron to remove all the creases. Simply place a damp cloth on the saree while ironing 
    • If you are planning to buy Indian sarees online then make sure to go through the product description, the washing guidelines & other important information. Nowadays, many new saree eCommerce websites are providing premium sarees that boast of alluring drapes, exquisite designs & other exciting aspects.
    These are a few perfect saree fabrics according to some common body types. Nowadays, you can wear almost any saree regardless of their body type. You are amazing and you deserve the best! That is why Swtantra came up with a wide range of linen, cotton, chiffon, satin & other alluring saree fabrics that you can easily wear for various events, social gatherings & festivals.