how to style chiffon sarees

Gorgeous chiffon sarees are quickly becoming a popular trend among women who prefer easy & alluring drapes.

The soft feel of the fabric coupled with a selection of various colors makes chiffon sarees one of the most sought after attires. That is why many women buy chiffon sarees as compared to traditional sarees.

You might’ve watched some popular Bollywood movies in which actresses are flaunting chiffon sarees with grace & elegance. 

That is why, a part of the chiffon saree popularity is attributed to the fact that it is draped by prominent celebrities & social media influencers.

It is the fabric of the saree that can make all the difference in your drape & look.

Why are Chiffon Sarees an Ideal Choice?

Chiffon sarees are characterized by an enchanting appeal.

The fact that the first chiffon saree was made due to the persistent request of Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar speaks volumes about the bewitching attire.

The Chiffon fabric boasts of:

1. Soft feel – The fabric is very soft as compared to other saree fabrics.

2. Light weight – It is very light in weight.

3. Draping – The light weight of the fabric results in easy & alluring drapes.

4. Appearance – The chiffon fabric boasts of translucent appearance.

These characteristics make chiffon saree a go-to attire for any occasion.

How to Style Chiffon Sarees?

1. The Choice of your Blouse

You can easily complement your chiffon saree with a designer or a readymade blouse as per your choice.

2. Choose a Blouse Design & Color as per the occasion

Make sure that you choose an appropriate design & color of the blouse since it can make or break your look.

Usually people choose blouse colors that are similar to the saree color but if you feel like jazzing up your look then you can go for contrasting colors.


2. Jewellery & Accessories that complement your saree

Without matching jewellery or accessories, your chiffon saree look will be incomplete.

Bangles, bracelets, necklaces & other accessories seamlessly elevate your appearance. So such accessories will mostly depend on the kind of saree that you are wearing i.e. a heavy embellished or a simple solid saree.


3. Trendy Bags or Clutches

Finally, complete your look with trendy bags or clutches which can easily give an elegant appearance.

14 Chiffon Sarees that will Elevate Your Look

Here are 14 chiffon sarees that you can add to your wardrobe & flaunt them at events like festivals, 

1. Beautiful Thin Border Chiffon Sarees

Thin border sarees bring an amazing appeal to the already stunning chiffon sarees.

As the name implies, these sarees are characterized by an alluring thin border, usually of a different color & fabric to give a beautiful look to the saree wearer.

2. Geometric Print Chiffon Saree

Geometric prints have been popular since the 70s.

But such pattern-based sarees are trending nowadays since they are incorporated into sarees by prominent fashion designers.

One of the best fabrics to adorn these prints is chiffon since it is lightweight & can be easily draped for any event.

3. Gorgeous Floral Prints

Floral prints are some of the most trending attires in the market right now. Why?

They give an amazing look to the wearer. Different types of floral prints on gorgeously colored sarees will enable you to be an eye-turner at any event.

4. Classy Solid Chiffon Sarees

As the name implies, solid chiffon sarees do not have any embellishments. These sarees are available in plain simple colors. 

But, you can add some zing to these sarees with customized designer blouses or readymade blouses.

5. Stunning Embroidered Chiffon Sarees

Embroidery is not a strong point for chiffon sarees due to its fabric. 

But some amazing garments Punjabi phulkari dupattas showcase the alluring appeal of embroidery on chiffon sarees. This led to the advent of embroidered chiffon sarees which are being preferred by women for their beguiling drape.

6. Chiffon Saree with Elegant Zari Work

Zari-work based chiffon sarees are regarded as the best party wear attires due to their exquisite look.

The meticulous zari work on such sarees gives an enrapturing look to the wearer & hence it is gaining popularity among modern women.

7. Quirky Ruffles

Ruffled sarees were unheard of till a few years ago. But, now these are in vogue as ruffles give amazing volume to sarees.

Ruffles as well as flares give a quirky look to the saree wearer. Although these saree designs came to the fore in the 90s they are being popularized by fashion designers.

8. Beautiful Embroidered Borders on Solid Printed Sarees

Plain thin borders look exquisite. But embroidered borders give a magical look to the saree wearer.

The minute zari work on the borders will elevate the look of the saree & make you a head turner at family or social gatherings.

9. Enrapturing blend of Contrast Border on Solid Sarees

Such sarees are gaining popularity due to celebrities who flaunt them at high-profile events like red carpets or award shows.

Contrast borders are similar to embroidered borders but with the exception of zari work. Such contrast borders give the saree an attractive look.

10. Chiffon Saree with Alluring Stripes

Since the chiffon fabric is fluid & soft, it can be easily used to make striped chiffon sarees.

These sarees perfectly amp up your look for day time events like office events or other festivities.

11. Meticulously Embellished Chiffon Sarees

Intricate embellishments have been a part of ethnic wear since ages.

But such embellishments are steadily being incorporated into chiffon sarees since they amp up the look of the wearer. Even though the chiffon fabric is lightweight, it boasts of great durability.

Hence, renowned fashion designers are integrating such embellishments to chiffon sarees for their fashion events.

12. Chiffon Printed Saree with eye-catchy Tassels

Similar to embroidery, tassel work is another amazing integration into chiffon sarees that can make any drool over you.

Add a well-designed blouse & you have a great saree that you can easily flaunt in any occasion.

13. Stunning Chiffon Silk Sarees

While chiffon sarees are great, a new blend of fabrics i.e. chiffon & silk is finding more enthusiasts.

This is because chiffon silk is characterized by fluidity & gloss. So, what does this mean for women?

You can easily wear chiffon silk sarees for almost any festival celebrations, wedding rituals & other events and be a showstopper due to the sheer magnificence of the chiffon silk fabric.

14. Heavy Mirror Work Chiffon Saree

Mirror work gained prominence in India due to the influence of Persian culture.

It is also known as shisha work & is mostly found in ethnic wear like lehengas. However, this amazing Persian embroidery is being integrated into chiffon sarees to bring forth an amazing look & feel to the saree.

These are 14 chiffon sarees that can seamlessly amp up your look in 2020.



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