Bid adieu to college/school with elegance and style!

Soon, you will be bidding farewell to your college or school. Your juniors might be making elaborate plans to give a grand farewell to you & your batchmates. On the other hand, you might be wondering which outfit should you wear to make your farewell memorable.

You might’ve seen your seniors wearing gorgeous sarees to their farewell. But which saree should you choose? Which saree will make you look classy? If you are losing your sanity with these questions then fret not! Here is a curated list of sarees that you can choose to be a showstopper at your farewell!

Gorgeous Sarees to Wear on Your College Farewell

1. Choose a Chiffon Saree for Farewell to make heads turn!

If you are planning to become a showstopper, then you should go for a Chiffon saree. But what makes them so special?

Chiffon sarees are currently one of the most trending sarees & they are available in a plethora of colors & designs. These sarees provide an enthralling drape due to their transparent appearance. In addition to that, Chiffon sarees are slightly stretchable & possess good strength. This improves the durability of Chiffon sarees. Apart from that, one more characteristic that will compel you to wear a Chiffon saree is its shimmery appearance.

Imagine yourself entering the farewell program & your chiffon saree’s shimmery appearance catches the attention of everyone! Don’t you want that? Well, then you should go for a Chiffon saree. You can choose different Chiffon sarees like Grey Gold, Black Gold, Brushed Copper, Champagne Gold, Black Royal & many other Chiffon sarees.

2. Shine Bright Like a Diamond with a Satin Saree

While Chiffon sarees display a shimmery appearance, the same can be said for Satin sarees due to their shiny glow. The Satin fabric undergoes a complicated weaving process that gives the fabric a shiny gloss. But that’s not all!

Satin sarees are wrinkle-resistant, durable & display a beautiful drape. After looking at these characteristics of a Satin saree, who wouldn’t want to get one? Many popular Bollywood celebrities often drape gorgeous satin sarees for red carpet events. Isn’t your farewell equivalent to a red-carpet event for you? That is sure to make you look like a diva!

You can easily go for various types of Satin sarees like Sangria, Pink & Orange, Blue & Brown, Ombre Satin Sarees & more!

3. Net Sarees – Latest Designer Sarees for Farewell

Net Sarees have been steadily gaining prominence due to their transparent appearance & an alluring look.

You might’ve come across your relatives or friends flaunting their netted sarees in festivals, family gatherings, social gatherings & weddings.

“They look gorgeous!” A thought like this might’ve popped up in your mind.

Well, farewell is the time where you can look gorgeous with a spell-binding net saree. You can choose various net sarees like Black Net Saree, Red Moulin Rouge Net Saree, Grey Net Saree with alluring embroidery & scalloping or a Fawn Net Saree with enthralling sequins & lace to look like a glowing goddess.

4. Amp Up your Farewell Look with an Organza Saree

The word organza itself ignites a spark in the eye! Organza sarees display sheer sophistication and a goddess-like glow. 

This fabric is a sheer fabric that is thin & is characterized by a plain weave. You might’ve seen a lot of Bollywood movies where the actresses drape gorgeous organza sarees in popular songs. The trend of organza sarees picked up steam in the mid-2000s & continues to gain popularity even today.

Want to get a beautiful Organza saree for your farewell. Then you should check out  these Organza sarees – Rose Breeze Printed Organza Saree, Snow Organza, Champagne Organza & Eves Garden Stripe Organza sarees for your farewell. You won’t go wrong with these sarees when it comes to one of the most important occasions of your life – Your Farewell!

5. Exude Your Style with a Stunning Linen Saree

Want to go ethnic for your college farewell? Then you should definitely go for some stunning Linen sarees.

Linen sarees can be worn in any season. In addition to that, these gorgeous sarees are available in different colors & boast alluring designs. You should go for some amazing Linen Sarees like Coral, Cocoa, Granite & Lime Linen Saree.

If you are planning to get an alluring saree for farewell in college then you should check out Swtantra. It boasts a wide range of gorgeous sarees that you can wear to amp up your look and make you the center of attraction for any event.