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Floral Sarees that must have a Place in Your Wardrobe

Sarees are one of the most treasured attires in any woman’s wardrobe. That is because since time immemorial this quintessential outfit has been a symbol of a traditional look for women.

The changing times coupled with the influx of bewitching design elements, handiwork & exquisite saree fabrics have fostered the evolution of sarees. To simply put this – Sarees have become chicer & enrapturing. Nowadays, if you go into a shopping mall or visit a website to get sarees, you will be welcomed by a huge collection of riveting sarees made up of different fabrics, designs, handiwork & prints.

Floral sarees are one such type of Indian sarees that have been seamlessly adopted by women. These sarees are usually characterized by floral prints, embroidery & motifs. Even fashion designers have taken to the exquisite floral-based sarees & that’s why they are featured in high-profile fashion events in India & abroad.

Such sarees are typically worn during summers as they are characterized by an exquisite drape & are pretty lightweight. Floral patterns are very much in vogue when it comes to summers. But if you go for heavily-embellished sarees, then they can be worn in winters, weddings & other social gatherings.

Fill Your Wardrobe with These Exquisite Floral Sarees

  • Satin Saree with Eye-Catchy Floral Embroidery
  • Satin sarees are perfect for summers. What’s better in these sarees is that the fabric can be lightweight depending on the type of embroidery that you are going for – which is again appropriate for hotter-months. The icing on the cake is when you get a saree that boasts of alluring floral embroidery. Such sarees are readily available or if you want you can get it custom-stitched at any nearby tailor shop.

  • Netted Saree with exquisite Floral Jaal Embroidery
  • If fussy drapes are not your thing, then you might want to take a look at netted sarees. An important aspect of this saree is that it boasts of eye-catchy Jaal Embroidery. Such sarees have a transparent appearance. You might want to go for light-colors when you get such sarees. These are usually worn for weddings and night-time events. 

  • Cotton Fabric-based Floral Print Sarees
  • Cotton sarees have been around for centuries. It is one of the most preferred fabrics – be it for sarees, Kurtis & other ethnic wear. They are characterized by a comfortable & opulent texture. Floral prints add an extra tinge of elegance to the already gorgeous cotton sarees. However, these sarees are mostly preferred for summers.

  • Chiffon Floral Print Sarees
  • Although chiffon originated in a foreign country (France), the fabric has been well received in India. Even women of royal families preferred chiffon sarees when it came to making a style statement during those days. Such was the fame of the chiffon fabric that Maharani Indira Devi of Cooch Behar especially gave orders for some Chiffon sarees to be stitched in the looms of Lyon, France.  That is why chiffon saree became an integral part of the many types of Indian sarees and is worn by women even today. So, adding a floral print chiffon saree to add to your wardrobe can make your saree collection more versatile.

  • Floral Prints on a Satin Saree
  • While we saw floral embroidery-based satin sarees above that look exquisite, floral printed sarees are not far behind when it comes to enhancing the look of the saree wearer. Instead of exquisite embroidery, these sarees are characterized by trendy floral prints which reduce the weight of the saree making it easy to wear & provides more comfort.

  • Floral Designer Sarees
  • Designer floral sarees are some of the most amazing types of Indian sarees that can be draped by women. These stunning attires are characterized by exotic handiwork, riveting designs & more to add an extra oomph to the saree wearer. You can wear such alluring floral sarees for weddings & festivals and easily become the showstopper.

  • Silk Fabric-based Floral Saree
  • Silk sarees are already the most preferred outfits for weddings – be it in North or South India. But these attires are mostly heavy i.e. with heavy embellishments or meticulous zari work. On the contrary, silk floral sarees boast trendy floral prints as opposed to over-the-top embellishments. Therefore, these sarees become lightweight & can be easily draped for any occasion. 

    These are some gorgeous floral sarees that you must add into your wardrobe. Swtantra brings an exquisite collection of sarees that you can drape for any occasion – be it for day-time or night events. Choose from an extensive collection of Chiffon, Satin, Silk & Shine sarees to amp up your look for any event.