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Keeping up with the trends in the Covid-19 world

Hey! how's it going? Hope everyone is keeping safe and following safety protocols during this pandemic. When we first heard that there is going to be a lockdown, we weren't aware that it would last so long and make our drawing room our office. When do we dress up? When we are going out , right? With nowhere to go, we started taking it very easy and made sweatpants and hoodies our uniforms.

Now, thankfully after some time, things are getting back to somewhat normal, the "new normal"....  With the world opening up again, we're going to have events to go to again! Finally... 

Wedding season is coming! Lots of pre wedding events like sangeet, mehendi, haldi, shoots and many more exciting parties and get-togethers are going to be organised. Are you also confused as to what to wear to that pre-wedding party of you best friend with just 200 of your closest friends and the dress code is "casual"? Let us guide you and help you choose what to wear..

Let us embrace our ethnicity and celebrate our rich cultural and historical heritage by donning sarees.

A Saree is sure to make you look elegant and graceful on important days. Women in India have been wearing sarees since ages. It is a very respected and adored attire for women of all ages. A saree is not confined by minute, unimportant and irrelevant things like size. The same saree can be draped by someone who wears a size small or someone who wears a size large. Probably not at the same time though... 

Swtantra has a gorgeous collection to choose from. You can pick solid colored sarees and jazz it up with an exquisite, heavily embroidered blouse. Solid colored, basic sarees with not too much embroidery are as rare as white peacocks. Not to worry, we have a plethora of bold sarees with little to none embroidery for you to chose from. 


That's one option. Another option you have is to wear a embroidered saree in a rich fabric and tone it down with a simple, solid, well-fitted colored blouse.  We also have embroidered sarees with more jazzy accents to brighten up your look. Embroidered sarees make you very lazy, as all you have to do look good is just don them and sparkle.... You can choose to sans-makeup as it highlights your silhouette more.


You can also opt for a Ombré saree and pair it with a sequin blouse. Net sarees are also a good option if you want to put minimal effort into getting ready, while still looking like the showstopper at any event. Ombre sarees are very interesting to wear and also to look at. We hope you don't outshine the bride! They have an interesting blend of colors and make you appear bright and cheery..


Though plane-jane cotton sarees are more for everyday wear, they can also be worn at weddings. After all, comfort is also very important. Cotton stretches easily and is extremely soft. As summer is approaching, fabrics like cotton are nice. Our cotton sarees are not like the run of the mill, same old prints with the same old cuts and treatment.

We experimented to make cotton sarees for you that are not only comfortable but also look glamorous. You know how some people just roll out of bed and still look gorgeous. You can be one of those people with these cotton sarees. Each one of them is unique and will flatter you, and make you look even more beautiful, than you do right now.


You can also go for Lehengas. They make you feel like a princess! It generally consists of three pieces: the skirt(lehenga), The blouse(choli) and the dupatta. The lehenga is  generally embroidered, embellished or printed. You can pick floral prints or solid or bold prints with tiny embellishments to make you feel glamorous on your big day. 

Conventionally black is not worn at weddings as it is considered an inauspicious color. But nowadays, people are changing and so is the world. Things are not the way they were a few decades back. So, wear a black saree or a lehenga. You can't go wrong with black. After all, wearing black is a lifestyle! Women who wear black clothes lead colorful lives.... 


All said and done, fashion is always changing, never permanent. Style is more long-lasting. Style is a way of speaking without having to speak. It makes a lasting impression, and first impression is the last impression. Style is all about wearing what makes you happy and is comfortable. Find your inner style, what works for you and what doesn't.

Just because it looks good on an influencer on Instagram, doesn't mean it will flatter you the same way. Everyone is unique, we must embrace that, instead of trying to look like clones. Discover your inner style at Swtantra. Find stylish sarees and lehengas at Swtantra for that event which is just 100 of your closest friends and the dress code is not so formal!

Until next time, here's to creating your own unique style!