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Sarees are one of the best go-to attires for any event. When it comes to a party, any woman would want to drape a trendy party wear saree to look their absolute best.

However, sarees have been typically associated with auspicious occasions like festivals, weddings & other ceremonies. But, the influx of western influences transformed the way we look at a saree.

So, now, sarees are worn for a variety of events like functions, interviews, office meetings, festivals, rituals & even parties! How cool is that! So, the next time you want to make heads turn in a party, just wear a saree.

While Indo-western dresses, heavy lehengas & one-piece dresses are preferred attires, there is no doubt that a saree will always be an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe.

This is because there is a certain level of comfort in sarees as compared to western dresses. So, let’s look at some amazing party wear saree trends of 2020.

How to Choose the Best Party Wear Saree Design?

Choosing a party wear saree is an art & it is important to look elegant if you want to attend any office or social event. Here are some useful tips to get your party look right.

There are 2 common types of sarees namely: 

  1. Day Wear Sarees – As the name implies, these sarees are appropriate for day time events. You can choose amazing sarees like:
  • Red Angel Satin Saree with Gold Pendants
  • Blue Chiffon Saree with Lace on Edge
  1. Evening Wear Sarees – These sarees are perfect for those people who attend evening events like parties & social events. Some of these sarees are:
  • Black Net Saree with Embroidery & Scalloping
  • Gold & Brown Satin Ombre’ Saree

5 Latest Saree Trends for Party Wear in 2020

There are different types of party wear saree that you can choose from. So, let’s look at 5 beguiling sarees for party wear in 2020:

1. Net Sarees – One of The Best Saree Trends

Net sarees are quickly gaining popularity due to its alluring look & elegant drape. These sarees are made up of a see-through net material which gives a unique look to the wearer.

So, if you look at traditional sarees like cotton or silk, this feature is not available. In addition to that, such sarees are cumbersome and difficult to carry. So, the net sarees give a sense of comfort as compared to traditional sarees.

Net material was first seen in dupattas, blouses & veils, but it is increasingly being used in sarees to give a subtle yet sensual look. So, the net saree is draped as a typical saree over blouse & petticoat.

However, this spell-binding party wear saree gives a see-through look. You can choose a premium saree like Black Net Saree with Embroidery & Scalloping and pair it with a Black Sequin Sleeveless Blouse to complete your party look.

2. Chiffon Sarees – For an Elegant Party Wear Look

Chiffon saree is one of the most popular & latest saree trends 2020. Many celebrities & fashion designers are draping this elegant saree in high profile events to make a style statement.

The chiffon fabric is characterized by soft feel & captivating drape. The fabric itself is lightweight & hence can be draped in many spell-binding styles.

Some of the most alluring chiffon party wear sarees that you should try out are:

1. Grey Gold Chiffon Saree with Lace & Pendant on Ends

2. Pink with Gold Border Saree with Plain Blouse

3. Orange Chiffon Saree with Lace on Pallu

Swtantra brings an alluring collection of party wear sarees like Chiffon sarees, Shine Sarees & more for women who want to look classy & Celebrate Indianness.

3. Ombre Sarees – Beguiling New Saree Fashion 2020

Ombre Sarees are characterized by an alluring blend of shades. These shades can be of various colors like Blue & Brown, Black & Grey, Green & Blue and many more.

These sarees have a satin weave & hence they are preferred by many women who want comfort & elegance. These sarees can be worn for parties or official meetings.

Some captivating Ombre sarees that you should add to your wardrobe are:

1. Pink & Maroon Satin Ombre Saree

2. Green & Brown Satin Ombre Saree

3. Mustard & Blue Satin Ombre Saree

You can also pair some of the best designer blouses like a gold sequin blouse or a black sequin sleeveless blouse to look trendy in any event.

4. Dhoti Style Saree – A Fusion of Two Attires

This is a great party wear saree if you want to be the  showstopper at any event. As the name implies the dhoti style saree is an amazing combination of dhoti & a saree.

Some important points to keep in mind while getting a dhoti style saree are:

1. The blouse should have some great back patterns to enhance your look.

2. The saree fabric should be flexible for easy draping.

3. The color of the dhoti can make or break your look.

You can opt for soft-feel sarees like Chiffon sarees or satin sarees since they are easy to drape & flexible. Choose a stunning blouse & a wonderful dhoti to Celebrate Indianness in a party or any social event.

5. Printed Sarees – Look Stylish & Trendy

If you are someone who doesn’t want all the glitz and glam of alluring borders or pendants on saree end, then a printed party wear saree is a perfect choice!

This is one of the best party wear in 2020 since it can be easily draped and doesn’t carry the extra fuss of other sarees like the ruffle or lehenga sarees.

You can choose a gorgeous printed saree like a Black & White Crepe Satin Printed Saree & pair it up with a Black Sequin Sleeveless Blouse to be a head-turner at any party.

Thus, these are 5 exquisite party wear sarees that you must have in your wardrobe. We at Swtantra have a curated collection of daywear sarees & evening wear sarees that can be draped for events like parties, family & social gatherings.