5 tips to look trendy in Formal Sarees
A traditional office wear saree  usually consisted of plain simple colors & uncomfortable fabric with little to no accessories. This resulted in a rigid disciplinary style that did not promote any sense of fashion or attractiveness.


However, the changing trends in office culture coupled with a sense of equality among employees fostered a wonderful change in office dress code. There are still certain rules & boundaries that are set for a dress code, but women can take these to their advantage & flaunt a great formal saree look. 

By choosing saree that has an amazing blend of colors, a comfortable fabric& a beautiful blouse along with appropriate accessories, women can easily stand out from the crowd. Read on to more about 5 tips to look elegant in saree at the office.

5 Tips to Look Stylish in Formal Sarees

Here are 5 wonderful tips to help women look stylish in saree at the office:

1. The Color of Your Saree is of Paramount Importance

The first important thing to keep in mind is the color of the saree. Dress codes of almost every organization point out to the fact that office wear should contain subtle colors. Bright colors & Bold prints are a strict no-no.

You can choose subtle colors like in an Ombre saree or a blend of beautiful colors like Green & Blue, Black & Grey, Blue & Brown among others. An Office wear saree with mellow colors reflects your responsible attitude & focus towards work. Such can also encourage others to work efficiently without diverting their attention towards you.

2. A Blouse Can Make or Break your Formal Saree Look

While choosing a formal saree blouse, make sure that it complements your saree. You should always opt for a blouse that you wear comfortably all day. If the blouse is not comfortable then it can hamper your productivity. Get the same color blouse as the saree since it matches well and give you a uniform look.

However, if you prefer to go for alternate tones, ensure that you pick colors that do not garner attention. Short Sleeves, Boat neck & collar neck designs are a great way to make your blouse stand out while complementing your saree.

3. Infuse Professionalism in your Saree with Subtle Designs

Extravagant prints or meticulous designs might get you bad stares in the office. However, you can strike the right balance by opting for medium-size work & designs to enhance your appearance.

In addition to that small motifs & geometric designs coupled with lace or pendants on the ends can give you a great look. Some can also opt for a plain solid colored saree with simple contrast borders.

4. Accessorize Appropriately

While a mellow colored saree does look good, you can use some accessories to up the glam. However, make sure that you don’t over-accessorize. A classy necklace, watch or simple earrings can give your saree a beguiling look.

You can also choose delicate fashion pieces or oxidized silver jewellery to enhance your Office wear saree look. But, ensure that the accessories are well-balanced. If you go for bold bangles, then go easy with the necklace & vice versa. Highlight only one point, place full focus on it !

5. Complete Your Stylish Saree Look with a Simple Hairstyle

A fine hairstyle can easily complete your formal saree look. Messy hair doesn't look good  at workplaces. So, keep your hair clean & style it neatly to look edgy. You can opt for Fine ponytails, well-braided hair, sleek yet stylish hair buns & other simple hairstyles that do not overdo your hair. Get a chic Office wear saree look & imbue professionalism.


These are 5 tips to help you ace your look in Formal Sarees. Leading Saree Brands like Swtantra bring amazing sarees to the fore that can be worn in offices or social gatherings with grace & elegance.