Saree – A Nine Yard Wonder & The Epitome of Indian Women Wear – Swtantra
Wine Satin

The versatile garment Saree had humble beginnings that can be traced back to the time of Indus Valley Civilization (3300 – 1300 B.C) in North-West India. The first generation of sarees was made by cotton & dyes such as Indigo, Lac, Red Madder & Turmeric were used to color them.

The name saree comes from a word found in Jain & Buddhist Scripts called “Sattika” that means Women’s Attire. It was also known as Poshak which was a Hindi term. It consisted of three items namely:

  1. Antriya – The lower garment
  2. Uttariya – A veil worn over the shoulder or head
  3. Stanapatta – A chest band

Women traditionally wore a gamut of handloom saris made up of cotton, silk, embroidery, block-print, tie-dye textiles. Some of the famous sarees that are still renowned include Kanchipuram, Banarasi, Gadwal, Paithani & more. Read on to know about why a Saree is considered as the Embodiment of Indian Women Wear.

Saree went through an Amazing Evolution

The Three-piece attire that we read above evolved with the influx of foreigners from different countries. Their enthusiasm for different kinds of sarees brought forth a sweeping revolution. The exchange of cultural ideas, wealth, precious stones & designs nudged Indian women to look out for artisans who can make curated Sarees. They even started asking artisans to design exclusive sarees by using expensive stones, gold threads & other beautiful items that will make them stand out from the crowd.

The advent of various weaving, dyeing & printing methods gave rise to beautiful sarees of different fabrics & exquisite patterns. Highly curated Sarees, Beautifully Woven Indian Silks as Meticulously Hand-Painted Sarees were in high demand & were considered as prized possessions by their owners from all over the world. 

As time passed, sarees started gaining special names based on the area or a particular sect that they originated from such as Banarasi, Kalamkari, Chanderi, Bandhini & more. Such sarees are coveted among saree collectors & are also regarded as the most opulent garments in the world.

Sarees of Today

Sarees have gone through a rigorous transformation. However, an amalgamation of cultures or ideas never made the sarees lose its original roots. Today, if you go shopping for a saree, you will not only find modern ones but also traditional varieties that are being re-discovered.

World-class designers are coming up with new designs as well as a blend of modern & traditional designs that are being preferred by the new & old generation alike. There are different collections of sarees like Chiffon, Georgette Satin, Ombre, Half Sarees & more.

This Nine Yard Garment has enthralled women from all walks of life. Any woman can drape a saree and participate in events like office meetings, social gatherings & weddings among others. This versatility & availability of sarees in different fabrics as well as colors are the very reason why Indian woman wear saree

This is why a Saree is regarded as the embodiment of Indian Women Wear. It rich medley of colors, beautiful designs & mind-boggling varieties draws buyers from all walks of life. Brands like Swtantra bring forth beautiful sarees made up of Chiffon, Satin & other amazing fabrics along with beautiful blouses to empower women & Celebrate Indianness.