Saree Care: Instructions to Maintain your Organza Sarees

Organza is an alluring sheer fabric that is primarily made from silk. However, as time passed, innovative organza fabrics woven from synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester and nylon came into the limelight. 

Although organza fabrics are commonly used in bridal gowns, formal dresses and home decoration, many local weavers & Indian saree manufacturers are weaving beautiful sarees with the Organza fabric. 

Organza saree fabric is light in weight and is a delicate fabric as compared to other common saree fabrics. So, you need to take special care of these sarees after you wear them to parties, festivals or special fabric. But how do you do it? Read on to find out!

Saree Care: Tips to Maintain your Organza Sarees

1. How to Wash Organza Sarees

Before you go ahead and hand wash your precious organza saree, test the saree fabric for water reaction. 

To do this, take a part of your saree that is not so visible to the common eye and immerse it in warm water. After you do this, notice the following reactions of the fabric:

  • Stretching
  • Shrinking
  • Warping
  • Tightening
  • Forming wrinkles or ripples
  • Warping
  • Fabric elongation

If you notice any of the above then dry clean your organza saree or religiously follow the wash/care instructions given by the saree manufacturer.

If your organza saree stays normal even after the “water test” then you can hand wash it. 

  • Start by adding 1 or 2 spoons of mild detergent to a bucket of cold water.
  • It is recommended that you wash your organza saree separately to avoid any damage to the fabric.
  • Gently soak the entire saree in the water and agitate the water so that the liquid detergent is evenly distributed. Soak the saree for up to 30 minutes.
  • After that rinse, the garment with running water (cold water) until all the soap is removed from the saree.
  • Never wring your precious organza saree. Instead, place the saree on a flat surface, put a towel on it and press it to drain excess water.

2. How to Dry Organza Sarees?

Never hang your favorite organza saree in direct sunlight. Instead, use a shaded area to dry your saree.

Never hang the saree. Instead, place it on a flat surface and let it dry. Since the organza saree fabric is delicate, hanging it will result in permanent creases which will eventually render the saree unfit for wearing. 

3. How to Store Organza Sarees?

After drying the saree, use a soft muslin cloth to wrap your organza saree. After that store the saree in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Additionally, refold your organza sarees from time to time to avoid permanent creases & ripping of the fabric.

4. How to Remove Stains from Organza Sarees?

Just returned from a party or a wedding and noticed an irritating stain on your organza saree? 

Start off by treating the stained area with a mild liquid detergent or a mild stain solution:

“Apply the detergent/solution on the stained area, let it get soaked for a few minutes and then wash the stained area with cold water.”

These are a few tips that will help you easily take care of your precious organza sarees at home. However, if the saree care instructions insist on dry cleaning then you should definitely go for it.

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