8 Day Wear Sarees That You Can Flaunt

Day wear sarees are great attires that can be draped by women for an official brunch, a family gathering or any social event.

Sarees do not have a particular shape or cut. Hence they can be easily draped in different styles. While sarees might look modest, they seamlessly exemplify your elegance & help you to gracefully carry them to any event.

Many amazing sarees for day wear come in alluring fabrics like chiffon, satin, georgette cotton, silk & more. These sarees have unique textures & fall, so choosing the right day wear saree can go a long way in making you look trendy.


day wear sarees

These alluring sarees for day wear come in beguiling colors so women can select a saree color that suits their preferences. Pairing such sarees with an amazing blouse will seamlessly complete your look & make you a showstopper! So, let’s look at 8 exquisite day wear sarees that can enhance your look in any event.

Things to Keep in Mind Before getting Day wear Sarees

  1. Fabric – The fabric of a saree can make or break your look. Choose a fabric that can enable you to easily drape the saree & comfortably carry it.
  2. Color – The color of a saree is very important. Getting the color right can easily help you to look elegant in a saree. Many sarees come in different color shades as well so you need not select a single-colored saree.
  3. Edges & Borders – Many latest day wear sarees come with attractive borders that give a unique look to the saree wearer.
  4. Blouse – Pair up your saree with a wonderful blouse. This is an easy tip to look stylish & classy. You can go with a blouse color that matches your saree or choose a contrasting color that complements your saree.

8 Day Wear Sarees That Should Be in Your Wardrobe

The following are 8 amazing day wear sarees that you can wear for a day event:

Green & Blue Satin Ombre Saree. 

 1. This is one of the best day wear sarees which boasts of luxurious sea green & blue navy shades that can give you an amazing look.

2. The meticulous satin weaving of this saree gives the wearer an opulent feel.

3. Since it is a satin saree, any woman can easily drape it.

4. Pair the Green & Blue Satin Ombre Saree with a stretchy Black Blouse to complete your daywear saree look.

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Pink with Gold Border Saree with Lace on End

1. This alluring saree boasts of the luxurious pink color & gold handwoven lace.

2. A highlight feature of this saree is the gold border which gives the entire saree an amazing look.

3. The Pink & Gold border saree is made of the chiffon fabric which has a soft feel to it.

3. This saree has an included plain crepe fabric to make a matching blouse. You can also pair this saree with a Gold sequin blouse to attend any parties.

Gold & Brown Satin Saree

1. This exquisite saree is characterized by beguiling shades of Gold yellow & Brown

2. The Gold & Brown Satin Ombre saree has a beautiful look & a wonderful feel to it.

3. This saree has a rustic look to it & can be easily draped to get a chic look.

4. Pair this saree with a readymade blouse & be a showstopper!

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Blue Chiffon Saree with Lace on Edge

1. This premium saree is characterized by a shimmery blue color & gold/silver handwoven lace on the edge of the saree end.

2. The chiffon fabric gives this saree a soft feel & an amazing drape.

3. Pair the bewitching blue chiffon saree with a gold sequin blouse or other ready made blouses to be a head-turner at any event.

Light Green & Navy Satin Ombre Saree

1. This enchanting saree boasts of a blend of Parrot Green & Blue Navy shades in an Ombre.

2. The satin weaving gives the saree a rich feel & an enthralling drape.

3. This amazing attire can be used as a saree for office wear or a social event.

4. Pair this fascinating day wear saree with a black stretchy blouse or other readymade blouses.

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Yellow Chiffon with Gold Border Saree

1. This gorgeous Yellow Chiffon with Gold Border saree is in trend now.

2. It is made up of beautiful chiffon & has a gold border along with handmade lace on the edge of the end of the saree.

3. Pair it up with readymade blouses like a Gold Sequin Blouse or design your blouse with the included plain crepe fabric.

4. You can drape this day wear saree for any office event or a party.

Maroon & Yellow Satin Ombre Saree

1. This saree ranks among the best day wear saree trends & is opted by a lot of women who want to jazz up their look for a party

2. This enticing saree boasts of pinkish-yellow & maroon red colors in an Ombre. The colors blend well & the saree a charming look.

3. The luxurious feel & drape of this gorgeous saree is due to the satin weaves.

4. Compliment your saree with a beautiful blouse & elevate your look.

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Coral Chiffon Saree with Lace on Edge

1. The Coral Chiffon Saree is an excellent piece of attire if you want to be a showstopper at any event.

2. It’s made up of chiffon fabric which gives the whole saree a wonderful feel & drape.

3. This captivating saree has handwoven gold lace on the ends of the pallu which gives a beautiful look to the wearer.

4. Pair this amazing day wear saree with a gold sequin blouse or other beguiling ready made blouse & flaunt your saree with elegance.

These are 8 amazing day wear sarees that any woman can flaunt in any office events, social or family gatherings & wedding functions. Swtantra brings an entrancing collection of various types of sarees like Chiffon, Ombre, Satin & Shine Sarees for women to look gorgeous & trendy.