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Flaunt Your Style in Winter with Swtantra

Planning to wear a saree in winter? But confused on which saree will make you look elegant while keeping you warm & comfortable? Then you are in the right place. Here is a carefully curated list of the best sarees that you can wear in winter. Read on!

Flaunt some of the Best Sarees in Winter

Silk Sarees

A Silk saree can be one of the best outfits to achieve your winter fashion goal. They have been traditionally worn for decades and they never fail to elevate your look – be it for formal or informal occasions.

They come in a gamut of designs & colors which makes them the perfect choice. You will most likely find a silk saree in every woman’s wardrobe. It’s that popular! The fabric itself is equivalent to wool which means you won’t have to wear any additional warm clothes like jackets or sweaters. 

In addition to that, silk sarees vary according to the location. In South India, you’ll mostly find Kanchipuram/Kanjivaram Saree which has its origins in Tamil Nadu. If you go to North India, you’ll end up getting a Banarasi Silk Saree. Apart from these, there are many other silk sarees like Bhagalpuri, Chanderi, Assam Silk and more. Check out Pink Champagne Gold Saree with PendantsPristine Peach Silky SareeRavishing Mint Silky Saree Cotton Silk Ebony Sequin Saree

Simply pair up your silk saree with an alluring blouse that covers your back and neck to complete your winter look!

Chiffon Sarees

Flaunting your outfits like a saree in winters can be a challenging task as you need to stay warm.

If you want to look classy & trendy in the chilly weather, then you should opt for a chiffon saree. They come in magnificent colors & can seamlessly jazz up your look for day or night-time events.

The fabric is strong due to the tight weaving process. Apart from that, they are characterized by a shimmery appearance & an enchanting drape. Wearing a chiffon saree is considerably easy as compared to other traditional sarees. This is because a chiffon saree is lightweight and effortlessly falls over your curves.

You can pair your chiffon saree with a cardigan or knitwear to complete your winter saree look. Sarees like Grey Gold, Brushed Copper, Black Gold, Warm Stone Chiffon arees can be some of the best sarees in winter that you can wear for any event. Check out Bora Bora Blue SareeRoyal Blue Gold Chiffon SareeBrushed Copper ChiffonChampagne Gold ChiffonCoral Gold ChiffonBlack Royal Chiffon Saree Black Gold Chiffon SareeGreen Blue Chiffon SareeGrey Gold Chiffon Saree . Affordable and glamorous too!

Ombre Sarees

Fancy color shades on your sarees? Then you shouldn’t definitely consider getting an Ombre sarees. These gorgeous sarees boast of a shade of colors which most likely include a dark and a light shade. Such sarees can effortlessly make you look trendy. Who knows, you might just become a showstopper at an upcoming family or social gathering!

Ombre sarees come in beautiful fabrics like silk, satin, chiffon & others. All of these fabrics can easily keep you warm while maintaining your style quotient. If you still want to add in some warm clothing then go for a stylish sweater to complete your winter saree look.

Check out Light Green & Navy Satin OmbreBlack & Grey Satin OmbreGreen & Brown Satin Ombre' SareePink & Maroon Satin OmbreBlue & Brown Satin Ombre !

Georgette Sarees

These lightweight sarees are quickly becoming popular among women due to their alluring drape & a wide selection of colors.

One of the main characteristics of a georgette saree is its crinkled appearance. The reason for this phenomenon is the presence of tightly twisted yarns. These are used in the weave to give a puckered pattern to your georgette saree.

The fabric boasts of other characteristics like easy draping, translucent appearance, breathability & the ability to hold the dye well. It is slightly stretchable too! 

You can find various types of georgette sarees like Stretch, Satin, Jacquard, Silk & others. Seamlessly pair up your georgette outfit with a blazer to complete your look. You can add in some accessories like necklaces, trendy earrings or bracelets to amp you your winter saree look. Check out 

Sparking Henna Saree .

These are some of the Best Sarees in Winter that you can own & flaunt. Planning to get some good sarees for winter? Then you should head over to Swtantra. Swtantra boasts of an amazing collection of sarees that you can drape in winter or Spring for Day-time/Night-time events.