7 Useful Tips to Take Care of Your Ethnic Expensive Sarees

Sarees seamlessly amp up your look for any event. These sarees are mostly made up of Silk, Chiffon, Satin, Georgette & other alluring fabrics. However, women need to take special care of sarees to enhance their longevity. Let’s look at some basic tips that will enable you to take care of your expensive sarees.

7 Tips to Take Expert Care of Ethnic Expensive Sarees

1. Carefully Store your Silk Sarees

Silk sarees might make you look gorgeous in weddings or family events, but if you don’t store them properly then the fabric will deteriorate as time passes.

Some helpful tips to store your silk or other ethnic sarees:

  • Don’t simply hang them on metal hangers. The metal can react with the fabric and leave out some metallic impressions which will ruin your whole saree. 
  • Store in a cool place but not a damp one otherwise the dampness will damage the fabric.
  • Fold your silk saree properly and keep it in a bag or cotton cloth.
  • You can also use silica gel to ward off fungal growth & humidity on your sarees. 

2. Regular Re-folding of Zari-work based sarees

If your ethnic sarees have some exquisite zari work, then you have some work cut out for you. Every 3-4 months, take out your sarees from the wardrobe. Keep them outside for a few hours so that they can be exposed to mild sunlight. That’s it!

Store them back in your closet. But, wait! Why did I take my saree out in the first place?

Letting your saree get some sunlight will help it maintain its color & shine. Not only that but it also helps prevent any odor or fungal attack on the fabric. 

Before putting your saree in the closet, make sure to change the saree fold. This will help you to prevent any sort of permanent creasing or zari breakage in your saree.

3. Don’t forget to regain the shine of your Silk Saree

Ethnic silk sarees lose their shine if they are not taken care of. If you have any old silk saree which has lost its shimmery appearance, then you can follow these simple steps to regain its shine.

  1. Take one-fourth cup of distilled white vinegar.
  2. Mix it in one gallon of water.
  3. Wash your old silk saree in the mixture.
  4. Rinse off any excess vinegar as it can damage the fabric

Voila! Your silk saree is good as new. Please exercise caution if you plan on washing your sarees with vinegar as it might harm other fabrics.

4. You have to take good care of heavily embellished sarees

Women usually have a few heavily embroidered/embellished sarees in their wardrobe. Usually, these bewitching outfits are flaunted at weddings & festivals. While they make you look great, you need to keep in mind that they need some extra care when it comes to storing them.

So, when you fold them to ensure that the work-side (Zari/Handiwork) is folded on the inside. Also, avoid hanging your saree on hangers. This will help you to preserve your saree longer as such folding techniques will prevent any tear or snag. 

5. Remove those pesky stains from your Ethnic saree

Worried about those accidental food/beverage stains that you got in a party or a family gathering? The solution is pretty simple – Wash that saree with cold running water.

You can also use mild body soap to remove those stubborn stains. If your ethnic expensive sarees have some oily stains, then you need to use glycerin or talcum powder to dry the stain. Wash your saree after that to effectively remove the stains.

6. Taking Special Care While Washing a Saree

Don’t wash your sarees frequently as it can damage the fabric. Here are some helpful tips that you can follow while washing your sarees:

  1. Make sure that the first wash of your saree is done in saltwater. Colors stay longer if you do this step.
  2. If you doubt that your saree would discolor, then wash a part of the saree first.
  3. For subsequent washes, you can use soap/detergent.
  4. Do not excessively squeeze your fabric to remove water.
  5. Don’t mix multiple sarees while washing. Wash one saree at a time.
  6. Let your saree air dry.

7. Meticulous Ironing of Sarees

Ironing a saree is a risky process, so take special care while ironing delicate sarees. Place a soft cloth on the top of the saree and then iron it to avoid accidental burn marks.

These are some useful tips to take care of your ethnic expensive sarees. Swtantra brings an exclusive collection of premium Chiffon, Satin, Silk, Ombre & Shine sarees that you can flaunt in any event.


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