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Which Saree Material will help you glow in  Festive Season?

Saree is an essential part of women’s style in India for a long time. While the types of saree materials were few in the beginning, the constant inflow of foreign countries & their cultures helped Indian artisans & weavers to use their fabrics to make sarees. 

Some saree fabrics are popular for weddings, whereas, others are preferred for festivals. So, which saree fabrics should you get for this festive season? Let’s find out!

Prominent Types of Saree Fabric for Festive Season

1. Chiffon

Women who prefer thin & lightweight sarees should go for chiffon fabric. This is one of the most popular types of saree fabric and is in huge demand in India & abroad.

A chiffon saree can be easily draped due to its flexibility. It has a shimmery & transparent appearance and can even make you look thin. The fabric’s strength depends on the type of weaving process it goes through. But it naturally possesses good strength due to the tight weaving process.

Some chiffon sarees also boast of a netted appearance.  This makes chiffon a versatile fabric for sarees. Therefore, you should add some chiffon sarees to your wardrobe & flaunt one for upcoming social or official events.

2. Silk

Silk sarees have been popular since time immemorial. They are considered as the best saree material for wedding. But nowadays, silk sarees are also being preferred for other formal & informal events and why should they be not?

They are available in different colors. There are many types of silk sarees according to cultures, traditions & geographical locations. Some types of silk saree fabrics like Kanchipuram & Mysore silk are famous in the southern part of India whereas Banarasi & Bhagalpuri are popular in the North. 

There are many silk fabrics that boast of exquisite designs & alluring handiwork. Therefore, Silk tends to be one of the most popular types of saree fabric for festive season.

3. Satin

Satin is another well-known saree fabric that you should get for this festive season. 

This fabric is highly durable due to the presence of long filament fibers. These fibers are woven in a tight manner which gives the satin amazing durability. Apart from that, the fabric is characterized by a beautiful drape & good wrinkle-resistance. It has a shiny front which can turn you into a showstopper for any event. 

Some of the popular types of satin saree fabric are satin silk, satin crepe, satin chiffon & satin georgette. You can easily get such fabric-based sarees to spice up your wardrobe.

4. Cotton

Cotton is one of the earliest types of saree fabric in India. This fabric is most suited for summers but if you plan to wear it in winters then you should go for some cotton blended sarees. However, if you still want to wear a pure cotton saree, then pair it up with a nice cardigan or other types of knitwear.

Cotton sarees offer amazing comfort. The fabric is breathable, strong & possesses good dye holding properties. This ensures that cotton sarees stay durable for a very long time. You can find various types of cotton fabrics for your sarees like Jamdani, Kota Doria, Khadi, and Sambalpuri.

5. Net Fabric

Netted Sarees are increasingly getting popular in the market due to their transparent appearance. They are considered as fashion-oriented sarees and are characterized by a stiffer drape as compared to other types of sarees. Nevertheless, you can easily wear one to jazz up your look for any event.

6. Crêpe

One of the main characteristics that makes a crepe saree unique is its crinkled appearance. Usually women don’t like their sarees to get creased. But crepe sarees embrace this phenomenon to make you look stunning.  These sarees boast of a lovely drape & sheen due to special weaving techniques. That is why you should own such sarees as they can make you look elegant & classy.

7. Georgette

This alluring fabric is a type of the crepe fashion fabric. It is translucent and offers a beautiful drape. The fabric itself is basically a woven silk textile that is characterized by a slight yet noticeable puckered surface. Georgette originated in the 20th century  and is now one of the most popular saree fabrics. It is primarily preferred for bridal & evening wear  but is slowly making inroads into daily wear sarees as well. 

These are some of the most popular types of saree fabric for festive season. If you are planning to get a good saree for this festive season, then you should check out Swtantra. It boasts of an amazing collection of sarees that you can wear for day-time & night-time events.