8 Types of Saree Materials That You Need in your life Right Now

Planning to get a saree but confused about which saree fabric to choose? Fret not! Here is a carefully curated list of 8 saree materials that you should buy right now!

8 Different Types of Saree Material That You need in your life

1. Cotton – A Classic Saree Material

Cotton has been one of the best material and fabric for sarees since time immemorial.

While cotton sarees are preferred during summers, there are many cotton-blend sarees that you can easily wear in winter. Cotton sarees boast of excellent comfort. The fabric is soft, lightweight & quite easy to handle as compared to other heavy fabrics.

One thing that you should keep in mind about cotton sarees is that they need a lot of maintenance. Proper care should be taken while washing the saree to ensure its longevity. Check out Cotton Silk Ebony Sequin SareeBlue Champagne Gold SareePine Gold SareePink Champagne Gold Saree with Pendants !

2. Silk – Best Saree Material for Weddings

You might’ve seen brides flaunting Silk sarees in weddings. Silk is one of the most preferred saree materials for weddings, festivals & other events.

Silk is considered to be a luxurious fabric that brings out the best in you. The fabric is made from a specific type of protein fibre that is derived from Mulberry Silkworms.

Silk sarees are typically difficult to carry since they are heavy. These sarees are not meant for daily use. However, they can easily amp up your look for festivals & marriage ceremonies since they boast of alluring designs & rich colors. 

Check out Pink Champagne Gold Saree with PendantsPristine Peach Silky SareeRavishing Mint Silky Saree Cotton Silk Ebony Sequin Saree

3. Chiffon – One of the Most Trending Saree Materials

The Chiffon Sarees Material has been emerging as one of the most preferred fabrics for any event.

The fabric is made with the help of a special weaving technique. This makes the fabric soft, lightweight & easy-to-drape. Superficially, Chiffon sarees might look delicate but they possess good strength. Chiffon sarees come in a plethora of colors & designs. You can flaunt a Chiffon saree in family gatherings, social events, weddings & festivals effortlessly! 

Check out Bora Bora Blue SareeRoyal Blue Gold Chiffon SareeBrushed Copper ChiffonChampagne Gold ChiffonCoral Gold ChiffonBlack Royal Chiffon Saree Black Gold Chiffon SareeGreen Blue Chiffon SareeGrey Gold Chiffon Saree .


4. Satin–Boasts of Soft-feel & Amazing Drape

Satin sarees are characterized by a shimmery appearance. Many women who love to make a style statement usually drape satin sarees. The weaving process of satin is quite complicated. However, the resulting fabric is easy-to-drape, durable, wrinkle-resistant & has a shiny front.

Some of the best satin sarees that you can flaunt in the day or night-time events are Wine Satin Saree, Fuchsia Flush Paradise Satin Saree, Rich Emerald Green Satin Saree & Frosted Sapphire Satin Saree.

5. Net–Elevates your Look for Evening Events

Swtantra net sarees have embroidery and shiny dots. It has a beautiful drape . As the name implies, the material is characterized by net-like features which make the saree look transparent.

You need to take special care of such sarees while draping or washing. But, on the other hand, these sarees can seamlessly elevate your look for social gatherings, parties or wedding rituals.

They come in various colors but Black is one of the most preferred colors. You can get an alluring Black Net Saree with Embroidery to make a style statement at any event.

6. Linen–A Popular Saree Material

Linen is a plant-based fabric that is derived from flax fibre. Linen is considered to be the second strongest fabric. It has good thermoregulation (helps you maintain your body temperature, even when the environment temperature fluctuates) properties which give more comfort to the saree wearer.

Some of the best linen sarees that you can drape for special occasions are Malachite Linen Saree with Organza feel, Cocoa Linen Saree with Silver Border & Opulent Olive Linen Saree.

7. Ruhani Doria–Amp Up Your Look for Any Event

Ruhani Doria is an exquisite fabric that is made with the help of a special weaving technique.

This alluring fabric boats of a dual-colour shade which enhances the look of the saree wearer. This saree is also characterized by a sheen that can the wearer a showstopper at any event. You can go for spell-binding Ruhani sarees like Royal Navy saree, Brunette Saree with Handmade Lace, Mint Bloom Saree & many more.

8. Georgette– Look Classy & Trendy

Georgette sarees are quite affordable as compared to other types of saree material. They are available in a gamut of colors & can be used daily. The fabric is soft, lightweight & easy to wash. Therefore, it requires less maintenance. Check out Sparking Henna Saree! 

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